Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Favorites - Merry Christmas

Well, hello there.  Ironically, in my last post I gushed how I was excited to get back into a regular blogging routine.  Well, then life happened.  In the biggest way possible.  I'm determined to stay positive in this post, but I would love to ask for your prayers for my mom.  She's in the ICU after suffering from sepsis, a stroke and now some serious breathing issues.  It's been the hardest month of my life and we are constantly praying and thinking ahead to the recovery she WILL make.  My mom has always been my biggest supporter and loves to read what I write, so when she reads this one day...I LOVE YOU, MOM.

So why do a blog post?  I enjoy it and there is no reason to not celebrate the favorite moments that have happened the past few weeks.  Because amidst the sadness, there has been magic - especially in two very special little ones.  

Is there anything better than kisses in front of the Christmas tree?  Aiden has been very affectionate recently - he knows what Mommy's heart needs.

My sweet friend Courtney has a new book out - The Snowmen Did It!  The kids love reading it and searching for our own Hippo book :). 

I was in desperate need of a new 'do, so I headed to a wonderful little salon after a recommendation from a friend.  Well, not only do I LOVE the cut, but my incredible friend surprised me by paying for the it.  How amazing is that?!  She hasn't owned up to it yet, but that's just another testament to her giving heart. 

We've been doing a lot of baking over here.  Sprinkles are a favorite!

This wall in our new home is my favorite.  The previous owners already had a hook on the window - perfect for a wreath.  

Aiden loves taking pictures of my phone and got this one of four little feet.  I can't be the only one obsessed with their children's feet :). 

This picture makes me smile.  Ollie not so patiently waiting for dropped goodies and my two babies eating a festive lunch. (Festive = snowman cookie cutter PB sandwiches ;) )

We get some pretty incredible sunset views out our back window.

We went to a drive-thru light display the other night and waited TWO hours.  Yikes.  Thankfully, this guy was content as long as he could "drive."  He is so his father :).

And this one was thrilled to stick her little pig-tailed head out the window and make people smile. 

This has been my view for much of the past few weeks.  Aiden loves to draw and I now feel obligated to plant a few trees to make up for the paper he's used.  But these simple moments are my favorite.

And a favorite quote to leave you with today.  I read it yesterday in an Instagram post and I'm sorry, but I don't know what book it came from.  But it speaks to my heart and maybe it will speak to yours too.  Merry Christmas, friends.  Much love from my heart to yours. 

"It is the assurance that God's promises are true even while we wait for their fulfillment.  Because our hope is certain, we wait patiently, not fretfully, trusting that God is already at work to provide the light we seek, the help we need, and the deliverance we long for."