Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Favorites

Audrey was so excited that today is Friday, she was up bright dark and early, which means you get a Friday Favorites post! ;)  I haven't done one in awhile - life has been crazy - but we've had some fun moments the past few weeks!

Audrey is cracking me up lately.  She is changing so much, it seems like daily, and recently seems so OLD.  Ugh.  But with the growing, comes the fun!  She loves to say her name (Audgie Tay), and whenever I sing a song, she says, "No, Mommy!  Audgie song!"  Or Aiden's...depending on the song.  She's claimed ABCs and The Ants Go Marching :).

Last weekend we celebrated my dad's birthday with our family in Louisville!  The kids loved playing with their cousins and watching soccer. 

As the weather cools down, it gets harder and harder to eat fresh and healthy.  But this meal hit the spot!  

And then next picture is of my new favorite muffin - Protein Pumpkin Dark Chocolate Chip.  They're healthy, I swear ;). I've tweaked the recipe so many times, I'll have to post it soon!

I am the first to admit that I am jealous of my daughter's hair.  I mean, she woke up like this.  I so hope the curls stay put!

Aiden's teacher posts a ton of pictures in our Facebook group and I love seeing our boy learning and having fun!  He's so focused here :).

By some miracle, the kids have been playing so well together recently (I just jinxed it).  Aiden comes up with these crazy scenarios and Audrey goes along for the ride.  Here they moved all of our dining room chairs into our bedroom, along with a pile of toys.  When I asked what they were doing, he said, "Setting up to watch the golf cart show!"  Well alright, then!

These leggings, a glass of wine and not worrying about the mess - all favorites. 

I just opened the door to let our dog out and BRRRRR!  Needless to say, favorites today will include chili in the crockpot and warm clothes.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Confidence is More Than Skin Deep

For as long as I can remember, I've had bad skin.  As a teenager, I tried EVERYthing!  I ripped ads from Seventeen and bought every product from the drugstore.  I tried over-the-counter and prescription products and was eventually put on Accutane.  If you know anything about that drug, you know it is BAD stuff.  My skin was clear, but I swear it changed my personality.  

Fast forward through the rest of high school, college and beyond and my skin has never been great.  I've mastered the art of concealer, and was still trying a variety of products to see what may finally do the trick.  Over the past year and a half, my confidence has grown in so many ways, thanks to focusing on my physical and emotional health.  Well, this past summer I realized the last piece of the puzzle was my skin.  Overall health should definitely include skin, so I began to use sunscreen on a regular basis and was sure to wash and moisturize twice daily.  But I still. got. zits. 

Surely, you've heard of Rodan + Fields.  In fact, you probably have at least one friend who sells it, and more friends who use it.  But maybe not!  I have been inundated with info on these products the past year, and I've always been intrigued.  I had seen what Proactive could do, so I was curious what the doctors who created that could offer with Rodan + Fields products.  About two months ago, I was lucky enough to get to start the "Unblemish" regimen, and I began using it strictly, as directed.

I went in with low expectations and am coming out of these two months VERY impressed with the results.  I always criticize before/after pictures, so I tried to take these at the exact same time of day, in the same spot and as you can tell, right out of the shower...

I think I was most excited about the change in the texture of my skin.  The acne has seriously stopped and my scarring is MUCH better!  My skin is brighter, smoother and more even.  I didn't wear much makeup before - well, now I hardly wear it at all! 

Everyone (myself included) always talks about the pros of products, but rarely addresses the concerns.  Here are my thoughts on what I've heard (and even thought myself at times):

It's expensive.  Well yes, it's an investment.  But you use VERY little product each time and it lasts a few months.  I also did the math, and I'm spending less on this regimen than I was on my trial and error purchases at Target.

It's Direct Sales.  Well yes, again it is.  But so what?  I would much rather support a friend to get a product I love, versus buying from a box store.

Their posts are just too much for me.  Okay, I know you've thought this...and so have I.  HOWEVER...I love the products because they work.  Those selling Rodan + Fields are excited about the success they've seen and they want to share it.  I'd much rather have that positivity infiltrate my Facebook feed than other junk.  And if it still bothers you...these people are human and they get it.  Just tell them :).

I've been so happy with my Rodan + Fields experience and am happy to be able to share the love! If you head on over to my Instagram page (anlimke), you'll find a great giveaway and more info on how to order!  If you have ANY questions, please reach out and I can point you in the right direction.  

Happy Thursday, have a wonderful weekend!! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Well Hello There!

So do you ever wonder what life would be like with limited social media and zero time for keeping up with it?  Well, I think I found out this past week!  Life went from zero to sixty last week, and while I can't wait to share all about it, I don't want to jinx anything.  (I'm NOT pregnant, btw, that's impossible ;))  

But I did want to stop in and say hello and share a project I finally completed in Audrey's room...two years after her birth!  Gallery walls are TOUGH and require more skill and commitment than I am used to needing for decorating.  But, I knew I wanted a collection of art above Audrey's dresser, so I started collecting things soon after she was born. 

It just so happens that most of these items are from Hobby Lobby, though I hadn't planned it that way.  They all have special meaning, they all tie in to her room in some way and most importantly, she LOVES it!

That's all I have for today!  I will likely be MIA for just a little bit, but no worries...I'll be back to over sharing very soon ;).  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Day in the Life...

I've wanted to do a "Day in the Life" post since I started blogging a year and a half ago.  It's always on my list of ideas, but it is a lot harder than you think!  Well, I finally remembered to document our enjoy this glimpse into a typical (if that's even a thing) day around here!

Audrey's sleep is so inconsistent.  One day she'll sleep until 8 and then the next she's up at 4:45am.  Yesterday, was the latter.  Ugh.  At least she ate fruit.

I like to spend a little bit of time in the morning reading some of my favorite blogs.  MixandMatchMama is at the top of my list.  I have a girl crush on her.  And please note the time of this screen shot.  

The only advantage to getting up super early...having time to plan out the day.  I can't use my phone as a me old-fashioned :). 

I swear I don't force her to read this.  It is honestly her favorite!  Just a plus that I wrote it ;).

My favorite baby girl (sans jammies) and my favorite catalog to window shop. And yep, it's still dark out.

I woke up like this ;).

Sleepyhead woke up!  Morning routine = snuggles, milk and Mickey.

While I made breakfast and packed lunches, they got into some play dough.  Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with this stuff?

Sorry for the upside down picture!  Multi-tasking and eating breakfast while I pack lunches.  The kids go to preschool two days a week and yesterday was a school day! 

I'm getting ready, Aiden is "hiding."

After I drop the kids off, I head to the gym.  I may or may not have worn these pants to match the weather ;).

Off we go!  It felt like fall (finally)!

Pulled into school and ready to head in.  This day, Aiden ran right in to tell his teacher about the tractor he saw the day before.  And Audrey didn't cry for the first time!  Woohoo!

A snack on my way to the gym. 

On Wednesdays I typically jump into the last half of a dance class and then work out with a friend and our trainer.  My knee is bothering me, so I spent some extra time stretching!

My gym makes the best shakes and I get them every once in awhile for lunch.  Or part of lunch.  This month's shake is "Peaches & Green" and it's delicious! 

Errands without the dream.  I stopped at Target (and stuck to my list!) and the party store for some supplies for a baby shower for my sister-in-law this weekend!

I try to take at least a few minutes each school day to just sit and do nothing.  I had some leftover carnitas and chilled with Ollie while watching Sex and the City.  

Until I remembered this mess... I then ran around the house to get as much done as I possibly could. 

Pick up time!  They have these two huge bears in the lobby and Audrey has to give them a big (bear) hug each time. :)

I love school days if only for the fun artwork!  I'm so impressed with how quickly Aiden is learning his letter sounds!

He made a car for a drive-in movie and let Audrey take it for a spin!

Story time before Audrey's nap.  We LOVE Spookley the Square Pumpkin!

The clothes I ordered online (from this post) arrived, so I took advantage of nap time to try them on.  

While Audrey naps, Aiden plays/watches some TV while I work.  

We took a break to make Scooby-Do cookies!

He asked me to help him make a barn.  Some days, it's hard to get much work done.

Audrey slept until 5:30 (whoops), but that meant I got to fold some laundry. 

A cleared off table makes me happy. So do gourds. 

Remember how she woke up at 4:45am? Well, makes sense that I had to wake her up at 5:30pm. 

Some days, dinner is elaborate.  Last night, it was chicken nuggets, fries, leftover carnitas and veggies.  FYI, when I do make fries, I still eat them - I just watch my portion and literally count out one serving. 

When you've been up since 4:45...

A special delivery came!  A sneak peek at Audrey's costume...

Daddy's home!  Aiden loves to watch Daddy draw trucks.  

Again...not staged.  She carries it EVERYwhere. 

She stole my popsicle before bedtime.  Maybe that's why it took me an hour to get her to go to sleep.  Or maybe it was the nap until 5:30...

Finally!  In bed and reading the book I scored from the library.  I love it so far and the Cincinnati references are fun!

There you have it!  A pretty typical day.  Whether or not anyone else enjoyed this, I know I will love to look back on it in a few years. And remember the chaos :).