Monday, March 13, 2017

'Round Here

I feel like we got back from Disney and things have been pretty much nonstop. We slowed it down this past weekend and only left the house once...for pizza and groceries! But this week, I've officially started a new job, which is why I wanted to squeeze in this update. I'm honestly not sure how often I'll be able to post for awhile, until I get used to my new schedule. My goal is once a week, so we'll see!

I just wanted to share a few highlights from the last couple of weeks.  Despite the major "Disney Depression" going on, it's been pretty great around here.

So, I mentioned Disney Depression.  It is real, my friends. I think the combination of missing the actual time spent there and no longer getting to look forward to it...well, it's a bad combo. We are all a little "grumpy" and the kids ask to go back multiple times a day. Someday, hopefully!

We planned a night away a couple of months ago, knowing it would be nice to have a date night after Disney. We saw the Bare Naked Ladies and spent the night in the adjoining hotel.  It was awesome!  I highly recommend the Hilton DoubleTree in Lawrenceburg, IN! 

Breakfast in bed = dream come true.

The following day, I got to pick my mom up for my cousin's baby shower.  My mom has been through A LOT these past few months and to stand next to her in a picture was very likely one of the highlights of this year, let alone the week.

On a lighter note...have you tried these individual Power Cakes? I got this one at good! I added blueberries and a few chia seeds :).

I also got to try out a new workout last week, that I fully intend on adding to my routine! Boga is kind of like yoga on a board, but there are also cardio and bootcamp options. It was a blast and an amazing core workout. 

Our first lunch on our deck! The first of many, I'm sure. Now if the forecast would just cooperate...

So my new job! I was recently hired by to be the Kentucky content specialist! I am SO excited and love the work! If you haven't checked this site out, do it now! You can find the Facebook page here and follow me on Instagram at @onlyinkentucky. 

Our one outing this weekend...we've been meaning to try Strong's Pizzeria, since it's just a few minutes down the street. I had this meatball salad and sampled the pizza...delicious! 

I hit a HUGE milestone last week.  100 POUNDS DOWN! As we were cleaning out our basement yesterday, I came across this poodle skirt from my girl scout days.  When I was TEN. It was even a little big :).

Happy Monday to you all, and I hope you have a great week!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Audrey Kay - Two and a Half!

Our baby girl is halfway to 3! She has changed so much the past few months, so I thought I should definitely squeeze in a half birthday post before time gets away from me.  Yesterday, Audrey was playing outside, with her hair in a ponytail, chasing after Aiden and talking to us in full sentences.  But then minutes later, she'd be in my arms asking me to hold her.  Although she's quickly turning into a little girl, she is most definitely still my baby.

Audrey had a fabulous time on our Disney trip a couple weeks ago.  She loved the characters, the rides, the pool...and for me to carry her 90% of the time!  She's about 35 pounds right now and 36 1/2 inches tall...much to my dismay because 37 inches would have gotten her on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ;). She is stubborn, feisty and a little OCD, haha.  She likes to do things a certain way and gets upset when things don't go her way.  So basically, she's me :). 

Audrey is still extremely attached to her Kitty and her blankie.  They go everywhere with us, especially Kitty.  She also loves her baby doll, her new stuffed Dumbo and the array of other stuffed animals she sleeps with every night.  She loves wearing jammies and often goes through multiple pairs a day.  She hates to have her hair put up and doesn't seem to care in the least when it is always in her face.  

She is taking gymnastics (with me) right now and loves it, especially the trampoline!  She is pretty fearless, as long as I'm nearby, and loves to "bounce" at home in our bouncy house as well.  She also enjoys play dough, swinging on her swing set and playing with Aiden (which is my favorite to watch!). 

When Audrey turned two, I was a little concerned about her speech because she wasn't saying much.  That has drastically changed and she's now going through speech bursts, which are causing her to stutter a bit because she wants to say so much but can't get it out fast enough.  Her sweet voice is so unbelievably cute.

Audrey is a pretty good sleeper, generally going down okay for naps (she takes them about half the time now) and mostly sleeping through the night.  She loves her milk and reading endless stories before bed and always wants to kiss both of my cheeks before I lay her down.  She knows how to work me ;).

Our baby girl is our princess and she knows it.  She brightens our day and has such a fun personality. I love watching her and Aiden grow closer and I can't wait to see what the next 6 months will bring! 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Disney World!

We were so incredibly lucky to spend last week in Orlando, visiting the happiest place on earth!  We planned this trip so long ago that at times it seemed like it would never happen.  But now it feels like it went so incredibly fast!  Too fast!  All four of us are ready to go back...I don't know what it is about that place, but it just left us all completely charmed.  Now there were plenty of meltdowns, arguments and whiney children (and adults) over the six days, but overall it was absolutely wonderful.  

This post is filled with pictures and the things about our trip that I never want to forget.  If you're considering a trip to Disney....I HIGHLY recommend it!  It's crowded, chaotic, at times confusing....and purely magical.  

At the airport ready to fly in a plane for the first time!

We arrived at the Art of Animation!  Definitely recommend this resort, especially with young kids.  Our two LOVED it (maybe even more than the parks!). The first night we ditched our plans to leave the resort and wandered around taking it all in.  We even took a dip in the Nemo pool. 

Our first full day was at Magic Kingdom.  As you'll was wet!  Sprinkles all day, mixed with complete downpours.  We made the most of it, bought some new sweatshirts and left exhausted but happy. 

We did a few character meals and Chef Mickey was one of my favorites. When Audrey first saw Mickey across the room, she jumped up and down shouting his name.  They were both in awe and really did well with these guys all week! 

Our first the rain!  Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride. You can't tell, but she loved it.  This type of ride was her fav....Dumbo was the ultimate!

Catching a rainy snooze on the ferry boat while we floated out the rain. 

Our second day was gorgeous and spent at Epcot!  Audrey was charmed by Snow White, we all loved the Nemo ride and chatting with Crush and one of my favorites of the entire trip was the Frozen ride!

Loved dinner at Garden Grill with Chip n' Dale!

The next day we headed back to Magic Kingdom (with NO rain!).  We started the day with breakfast at the Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and friends.  They were so adorable. 

Midday, we headed back to our resort to rest before heading to dinner and then back to Magic Kingdom for some night time fun. 

Another boat, another nap :). On our way to dinner at 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian.  Gorgeous resort! 

They love Tangled right now (Aiden sings "I've Got a Dream" nonstop!), so this was a big deal! 

A little out of order...this was our dinner at Park Fare with Cinderella!  Audrey was charmed by Prince Charming :). 

Up next was Animal Kingdom.  The Lion King show was amazing! We had brunch at Tusker House with our buddies again.  Food was delicious! 

We found a train!  Sadly, the big train that goes around Magic Kingdom was closed for refurbishment (BOOOO), but Animal Kingdom had one that cheered him up. 

When you want her to finish napping...

Out of order a bit again...Aiden and Daddy on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magical Kingdom.  Aiden's favorite!  He was tall enough just by his cowlick ;). 

Before Chef Mickey!

Epcot with Buzz. 

One of my favorites from the trip.  My Prince Charming :). 

This was in our Cars suite.  It folds out into a bed and he got to sleep with Mater watching over him.  So cool!

One evening we swam and then rode this around the lake by our resort.  

Hollywood Studios! 

Breakfast at Hollywood & Vine with Disney Jr. friends!

And now we are really out of order...sorry! 

Back at Epcot...Mexican food with a view for lunch!

All Audrey wanted for Christmas was a baby elephant.  Well at Animal Kingdom she got to see this little sweetie at 7 weeks old!

And back again to our last day at Hollywood Studios... We stayed until about 3 and then headed back to spend the last evening at our resort.  

Before heading to the airport, we visited Disney Springs and the HUGE Disney store.  They picked out a couple new friends and we rode one last ride...a tiny carousel. 

This was a trip of a lifetime, made possible by two VERY special people (you know who you are ;).  We are so grateful to have spent this time with our family and can't wait to go back someday.  See ya real soon!! ;)