Monday, March 6, 2017

Audrey Kay - Two and a Half!

Our baby girl is halfway to 3! She has changed so much the past few months, so I thought I should definitely squeeze in a half birthday post before time gets away from me.  Yesterday, Audrey was playing outside, with her hair in a ponytail, chasing after Aiden and talking to us in full sentences.  But then minutes later, she'd be in my arms asking me to hold her.  Although she's quickly turning into a little girl, she is most definitely still my baby.

Audrey had a fabulous time on our Disney trip a couple weeks ago.  She loved the characters, the rides, the pool...and for me to carry her 90% of the time!  She's about 35 pounds right now and 36 1/2 inches tall...much to my dismay because 37 inches would have gotten her on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train ;). She is stubborn, feisty and a little OCD, haha.  She likes to do things a certain way and gets upset when things don't go her way.  So basically, she's me :). 

Audrey is still extremely attached to her Kitty and her blankie.  They go everywhere with us, especially Kitty.  She also loves her baby doll, her new stuffed Dumbo and the array of other stuffed animals she sleeps with every night.  She loves wearing jammies and often goes through multiple pairs a day.  She hates to have her hair put up and doesn't seem to care in the least when it is always in her face.  

She is taking gymnastics (with me) right now and loves it, especially the trampoline!  She is pretty fearless, as long as I'm nearby, and loves to "bounce" at home in our bouncy house as well.  She also enjoys play dough, swinging on her swing set and playing with Aiden (which is my favorite to watch!). 

When Audrey turned two, I was a little concerned about her speech because she wasn't saying much.  That has drastically changed and she's now going through speech bursts, which are causing her to stutter a bit because she wants to say so much but can't get it out fast enough.  Her sweet voice is so unbelievably cute.

Audrey is a pretty good sleeper, generally going down okay for naps (she takes them about half the time now) and mostly sleeping through the night.  She loves her milk and reading endless stories before bed and always wants to kiss both of my cheeks before I lay her down.  She knows how to work me ;).

Our baby girl is our princess and she knows it.  She brightens our day and has such a fun personality. I love watching her and Aiden grow closer and I can't wait to see what the next 6 months will bring! 

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