Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Aiden Paul - 2 Years Old

Tomorrow my baby boy turns 2.  Two years ago, after over 24 hours of induced labor, he arrived with barely a push and has continued to be the absolute best roller coaster ride ever since.  Aiden was the baby we prayed and hoped for and he literally made our dreams come true when we saw his little face for the first time.  He was 7 pounds 10 ounces, born at 7:10pm.  I often reference Aiden’s lack of good sleeping habits but really I would deal with that ten times over to keep my little boy just the way he is.  He is silly, smart, active and all boy.  I can’t believe how much he has changed this past year.  So much has happened since he turned one.  Sometime over this past year he changed from a baby to a kid…to me it seemed to happen when we were in the hospital having Audrey.  He came to visit and seemed so different, like he knew he was now the big brother.  I am so proud of my boy and absolutely love the stage he is in right now (most of the time!).  Here are a few things I hope I never forget…

As you probably already know, Aiden LOVES trains.  Yes, you can refer to my previous post on the word love, but I think it is used correctly here.  He constantly has trains on the brain and choo-choo was one of his first words.  His favorite is Tommy (aka Thomas the Train), followed closely by all of Thomas’ friends, any train from Chuggington and pretty much any train at all.  He loves books about trains, puzzles about trains, clothes with trains on them…you get the picture.

His voice is the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard.  Some of my favorite things he says…
“Hi Mommy!” (or hi to anyone/thing)
“Pease Mommy.”
“What are you dooooing?”
“What’s that?” (and then usually answers himself)
“Me-no!” (aka snow…although he’s recently started actually saying snow)
“Audrey night-night” (used to pronounce her name “Audgie”)

He is a picky eater, but he’s gotten a little better the past week or so.  His favs…grilled cheese, mac n’ cheese, strawberries, blueberries, goetta (true Cincinnatian), sausage, chips, goldfish, Elmo pouches, pizza, cottage cheese and MILK (like father, like son).

He loves to “run run run” in our basement and “jumpy jumpy” on the bed.  He enjoys bath time, especially splashing as much water out of the tub as possible.
A few other favorites….Hot Dog (aka, Mickey Mouse), Elmo, Frozen (Olaf=Off), Cars and Monsters Inc.  He loves to read and recently has enjoyed coloring.  Thanks to having an infant and surgery, he is also very good at operating an iPhone and ipad.  He watches Bob the Train (educational!) and Wheels on the Bus videos and is mesmerized by watching train videos.

I, of course, think Aiden is a genius, but he has learned a lot this year.  He can count to 5, somehow identifies the letter “I”, has a couple of his books memorized and knows a bunch of animals and sounds.  He also knows the names of at least a dozen different vehicles and what sounds they make.  Andrew is so proud :).

As I went back through the thousands of pictures I took over the past year (literally, thousands, but I’m sure you’re not surprised), I chose a few of my favorites of Aiden. 

Ok, so this one was right before his first birthday.  The day we found out Aiden would be a big brother!
1st Birthday Photo Shoot
The big announcement last March
Riding in Opening Day parade!
He looks like the missing member of an early 90s boy band.
On vacation in Florida 
4th of July parade 
Go Reds!
Master of his trains
Splashing in Oxford
That time Elmo went to the zoo with us
Right before Audrey was born
She rocked his world, but he's been such a trooper.
Finding the perfect pumpkin 
Helping Mommy cook
On his first train ride!
Loving life
Sorry buddy
He loves to be outside
That smile
Wasn't too fond of "Ho Ho" this year
Train heaven
Our big boy

Aiden – Mommy, Daddy and Audrey love you so much.  I hope you are always as enthusiastic and passionate as you are today.  Happy 2nd birthday, Nugget!

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