Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Audrey Kay - 5 Months

Blink.  And it’s been 5 months.  Honestly, probably the craziest, most sleep deprived 5 months of our lives.  Somehow, in the midst of ailing health, the holidays and major surgery, we’ve learned to be a family of four.  I’d like to post monthly about each of the kids, because I am the worst baby book mother ever.  Audrey doesn’t even have one and Aiden’s is filled out through birth.  That’s it.  You probably know that I take a billion pictures of the kids, which I guess is my way of making up for the lack of written record.  I am terrified, though, that I will forget funny things they do and say and I often want to bottle up a moment and put it on a shelf for when they are 16 and obnoxious.  So here are some highlights of our Audrey at 5 months.  Aiden will be two in a little over two weeks (insert a combo of shocked, sad and happy faces), so we will talk all about him then.
You forget how much they change until you look at a side by side!
Audrey weighs 19 pounds and is wearing 9-month clothes.  Since her one-month appointment, she’s been in the 90th plus percentile for weight.  She eats 5 times a day, 7 oz. at a time.  I had to stop pumping before surgery so it is now mostly formula, but she isn’t too picky.  She is chubby and gorgeous.

She is already mobile.  She can roll both ways and has rolled several feet across the basement (newly carpeted) floor.  She is trying to sit up and can for a second before tumbling over.

She falls sideways in about two seconds.
She has a Mohawk.  It’s adorable and we can’t tell if her hair is coming in brown or darker blonde like Aiden’s.  I’m thinking brown.  She also has sparkling blue eyes that totally melt her daddy’s heart.
The mohawk.

Those eyes!

She loves her big brother.  She watches him play and laughs when he laughs.  It almost (ok, does) makes me cry when I see her looking up to him.  He usually loves her too; you can tell by the way he shares his choo-choos. 


And more like it.

She is a pretty good sleeper.  90% of the time she is sleeping through the night and takes three naps a day.  Half of the time she falls asleep on her own and the other half we let her cry for a few minutes.  She loves her Magic Merlin Suit and sound/picture machine.  Some mornings we don’t even know she’s awake because she lies in there and watches the images of monkeys and cows on her ceiling.  I love that about her.

Most importantly, she is sweet and happy and her personality is already coming through. While she is laid back, she will always tell you what she wants, but it’s easy to figure out.  She is curious and likes to be part of the action. 

5 months!

Audrey, you are a true gift.  I held you close yesterday for the first time in over three weeks and it was almost as good as holding you when you were born.  I thank God everyday for you, we love you baby girl.  Happy 5 months.

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