Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday Favorites

A couple of weeks ago I shared my first Friday Favorites post with this disclaimer.  While these are some of my favorite posts on other sites, I still always wonder how these people buy all of these things!  The truth is, they probably don't, just as I don't have all of the things on my list.  So basically, we are all just doing free marketing for these companies! ;)  But anyway, no more explaining myself...let's get to the fun stuff!  And it is Friday after all, and even though it's been a long few days with a sick little one, I am ready for the weekend!

I don't make much time for TV anymore, but I do follow Downton Abbey.  I am equally anxious and excited to see how it all ends and while I wish nothing but happy endings, I have a feeling something tragic will happen!

A couple of months ago I scored my first pair of Victoria's Secret leggings for FREE!  They had a "Buy a sports bra, get a free workout pant" sale, so I found the cheapest sports bra (which I also really like) and ended up getting both for $40!  I am watching carefully for more sales, because I want to wear these everyday.  But don't expect my butt to say PINK anytime soon ;).

Two recipes I have tried this past week and loved.  These energy bites (recipe in the picture below) are from Ashley at Naturally Nati Fitness.  She rocks, has a great blog and works at my old high school!  I also made another "Facebook recipe" as I like to call them.  The Hasselback Chicken was fairly easy and can be made with a lot of variations.  Highly recommend!

Staying in the food family, I think I can finally stand to eat plain greek yogurt.  I would always read articles that say to just add fruit and it'll taste great!  Well, not quite.  But, it does taste great with a drizzle of honey, some cinnamon and granola!

I am a bit ashamed to mention this one, but if/when I start wearing them this summer, at least I will have already eaten my words.  Last year I totally made fun of the Birkenstock trend coming back and reminisced about wearing them in middle school.  Well, I was drooling over the Athleta catalog and I think they've sold me.  I especially like these white ones.  And as a friend pointed out, we are getting older and at least they have good arch support! (yikes!)

I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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