Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tackling a Plateau

I'm not sure if I've reached a plateau, or if I'm just being too lenient on my daily calories... probably a little of both.  Either way, I've been at about the same weight now for almost a month and know I need to make some adjustments.  I've come a long way - I'm down 70+ pounds, 4 pant sizes and feel SO much better than I did a year ago.  But I'm not "finished."  I put that in quotation marks because I definitely do not want to imply that when I reach my goal weight, I will just stop this journey and go back to old habits.  I have definitely adopted a lifelong lifestyle here and have no intensions of going back, just making new goals.  

I've been working out more, but I've recently found it to be easier.  I'm obviously building strength and my body is doing things I never thought it could do.  So it's time to step it up a notch.  I tried to incorporate more running, but without being able to do it outside, and not having a double jogging stroller, it's been challenging.  I'm making sure to push it when it comes to weight in strength training and I'm going to do one session of Tabata on the weekend, using the app Tabata Pro.  I love this style of workout and I can do it from home while the kids are playing.  My body is telling me it needs a change up with the workouts, so I'm going to listen.

Oh how I debated posting this.  Don't love the picture, but love that my body can now do this exercise!
I know the culprit when it comes to eating - sugar.  I wrote about this recently and I'm going to try and eliminate all added sugar for the month of March.  I do not plan to (or want to) give up sugar forever, but a month break may be a good way to adjust my sweet tooth.  And there are so many great ways to still have it naturally!  I'll share a few of those recipes soon, and I'll be sure to let you know how my "sugarless" March goes.

My go-to sugarless lunch.  Chicken salad w/ avocado, salad and an orange. 
The other factor that I think has been wreaking havoc on my body.... sleep, or lack thereof.  When you are not getting enough sleep, you are hungrier and your body doesn't have enough rest to recover from the day.  There isn't too much I can do about this, except keep praying that my kids get the hang of sleep some time soon!  

Loving the warmer weather recently!
I am SO motivated to cross a big number barrier weight wise, and it's driving me crazy to be so close, but not reach this goal.  I will make it soon, though, and I can't wait to share that exciting news.  It's not all about a number, but when you've been looking at a certain three digit number for years, and it starts with a number that is not a 1, I'll be so glad to see it change.  And now that I've written all of this down... I have to stick with it ;).  Happy Tuesday!

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