Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Year's Day...January 12th

The beginning of a new year is usually refreshing and exciting.  While New Year's Eve has recently been MUCH more low key these past few years, it has still been a good reason to plan for the next year and push the "restart" button.  It usually involves resolving to eat healthier, be more organized and focus more on the present.  As the New Year approached this year, I felt like I wasn't quite ready to start anew.  Most of that had to do with the fact that I was having open-heart surgery to replace my aortic valve (for the second time) on January 12th.  So I decided that I would make January 12th the beginning of my 2015 and use this surgery as a reason to start fresh and think about what I truly wanted to focus on in these upcoming months.  As a reminder to myself, here is what I hope for 2015...

2 days after surgery

1. Good health.  I obviously just had major surgery, but in 2014 Aiden had several ear infections, which resulted in tubes, many family members had health issues and even Andrew needed stitches, which resulted in a ridiculously large medical bill.  I am using my surgery to help jumpstart our road to better health and for me personally to not only lose weight but feel stronger and for lack of a better phrase, more alive.  I plan on using this blog as motivation and documentation for this goal, so stay tuned.

2. Balance.  This is such a buzzword, especially it seems, among moms.  Everyone is always striving for balance in their lives and I’m still not quite sure I know exactly what that means.  But, it sure does sound nice.  For my family, and me I know it has to do with balancing quality family time with all things productive (work, housework, etc.).  I won’t get into the anxiety I have surrounding my return to work next year, but that will ultimately play a part as well. 

The Limke Family

3. Stop comparing my life to others’ lives.  This is tough for me.  I love reading blogs, looking at pictures on Instagram and Facebook, and of course perusing Pinterest.  Over the past couple of years, this has led me to a very bad habit of feeling inadequate if I don’t have the perfect outfit, or meal or the most festively decorated house.  So dumb, I know but I bet I’m not the only one with this problem.  I realize that this is not a reason to stress, but yet it somehow causes me anxiety.  I don’t want to give up looking at any of these things, so hopefully I can solve this problem by just slapping myself back into reality every now and then. 

An oldie but goodie

4. Spend more quality time with friends and family.  I would say that 90% of my conversations with friends and family happen through text, facebook messaging and email.  I realize this is convenient, but I desperately miss the days of getting together with friends to just talk and hang out.  As we all get married and have kids, this gets harder and harder, but I hope to figure out a way to make this a more regular thing.  This one ties back to that balance goal…I think.

On a recent "recovery walk"

I’m starting this blog for myself.  I have a horrible memory and even though I take a billion pictures to document life, I often find a moment when I wish that I had written about it.  As I said before, I love reading blogs, especially those I can relate to.  Despite the whole comparison issue, I do find inspiration, humor and comradery.  Maybe I can provide that for someone too.


  1. hey lady! so glad to see you recovering well. i know we haven't talked in forever, but i wanted to let you know that you are awesome, and i'll be rooting for you as you blog along :)

  2. I *really* enjoyed reading this post. Great work! I completely agree with you that so many of our "conversations" with others are via some digital medium. Yes, you are right that we need to find balance in having those in-person moments as well. That probably is related to having more of our senses engaged in the experience as additional memory triggers. Keep up the blogging - and I will gladly meet up with you anytime we can manager for lunch/coffee/whatever!