Thursday, March 26, 2015

Audrey's Birth Story

One of my goals for this blog is for it to act as a makeshift baby book for my kids.  I never even purchased a baby book for Audrey and Aiden’s is filled out through about, well, his birth.  I did take the time to write out the details of the day he was born and I realized of all the memories we are making as a family, I never want to forget the day my babies were born.  So, that gave me the idea to write out Audrey’s birth story on the blog.  Only a few tears were shed while looking back through pictures…I can’t believe my baby girl will be 7 months old soon!  If you’re not into details, I recommend a skim of this post!  I selfishly wanted to type out as much as I could remember.

Heading up for baby #2!
We arrived at Good Samaritan Hospital on Wednesday, September 3rd, in the morning.  I wasn’t scheduled to be induced until the following morning, but they wanted to run a few tests on my heart to make the plan for induction and make sure everything was good to go.  After a decent amount of confusion and being shuffled around, we made ourselves comfortable in a shared room in labor and delivery.  We were assured we’d be moved to a private room at some point, this was just a holding spot.  I tried VERY hard not to complain while we were in there, as the lady already in the room was on hospital bed rest and was hoping to be there for at least 10 more weeks before her baby was born.  I think about her often and pray her baby was born healthy.

Watching Frozen, for the 2nd time.
After I had an echo done and we met with a few different doctors, it was decided that I could be induced for a typical delivery with a few exceptions.  They didn’t want me to push (so would need to use forceps) and they wanted to give me the epidural early and slowly.  All of this was to keep any stress off of my heart and failing valve.  We were moved to a private room late that night and settled in for (no) sleep.  They started the induction drugs very early the morning of the 4th and placed my epidural around 8am.  The day started off fairly comfortably, we watched a few movies and literally just laid around. 

Around the middle of the day, I started feeling contractions.  With Aiden, I felt nothing until my water broke and then it was bad for about 30 minutes until I got my epidural and then I felt absolutely nothing for the rest of labor.  This time was just about the opposite.  While I was progressing slowly, the contractions were pretty painful.  The scariest moment came when the nurses laid me down and my blood pressure nose-dived.  I felt myself lingering near passing out and had to focus very hard to stay with it.  Andrew and my mom were obviously very concerned and a lot of doctors and nurses rushed in.  They gave me some meds, sat me up and within ten minutes I was weak but feeling much better. 

Not long after this, the contractions were close to unbearable and it became evident that my epidural was not working.  The anesthesiologist said he gave me the amount for a C-section, yet I was still feeling everything.  We decided to redo it and thank goodness.  I felt immediate relief and was ready to go.  We were very anxious about the use of forceps for delivery, but Dr. Smith assured us that she knew what she was doing.  We trusted her and all of the other doctors from this practice, I always felt extremely cared for by this group.  Once everything was set up, it was time to meet our baby girl. 

Dr. Smith, alongside a resident, delivered Audrey at 8:16pm pm on September 4th.  She weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz. and came out screaming and letting us know she arrived.  As I look back at the pictures and I think about that moment, every feeling possible fills me up.  We had a daughter, Aiden had a sister and our dreams had come true.  Giving birth is scary, stressful, miraculous and wonderful all at once.  Since it was difficult to remember all of the details of that day to write this, I know the memories will continue to fade over time.  But I will ALWAYS remember the feeling of holding my baby for the first time and completing our precious family.

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