Monday, July 6, 2015

Health Update: Let's Talk Numbers

Time for a quick check in on my progress!  Since starting with my trainer in March, I am down 30 pounds and 6% body fat!  No "21 day fixes," dieting or weight loss fads.  Just an over haul of my lifestyle and making my health a big priority in my everyday life.  Not really "just"'s still a daily challenge but the payoff is SO worth it.  My biggest issue right now is balancing not beating myself up while not starting down a slippery slope of "having this here or there won't be a big deal."  It's not a big deal, but I know myself and if I let go too much then I start to slide down that slope.  There is no end date or goal with this journey.  I'm not going to get to my goal weight and celebrate with ice cream and pizza.  Instead, I'll celebrate with a new wardrobe and the best health of my life.  

Before Pic - end of February

After far :) 

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