Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Time at the Lake

This past week we went on our first vacation as a family of four.  Friends of ours were invited to a wedding in northern Wisconsin and we worked it out that we would stay in a cabin with them and make a vacation out of it.  So the four of us, plus our 3yo, 2yo, 1yo and 10 month old, headed out in the middle of the night last Wednesday.  We stayed at Black Bear Lodge in St. Germain, WI and it immediately made me think of the movie Dirty Dancing.  We lucked out with a cabin right on the lake with a beautiful view and a beach right in front for the kids to play.  We kayaked, paddle boarded, boated, swam, relaxed and got little sleep thanks to Audrey.  Despite that and the loooong drive home, it was a great trip and so nice to have a change of pace.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the trip....

Aiden spent 90% of his vacation in the dirt.
There were bald eagles everywhere! I've never seen them in person and even though I'm not a fan of birds, they were gorgeous.
Sunset from our porch.
My early riser/non-sleeper watching the sunrise with me.
View from our deck again.
That's me on a paddle board...not falling :).

Aiden loved going "bumpy" on the boat!
Audrey loved the boat, hated the life jacket.

Meal times were a bit crazy.
Sunset boat ride.

Babies in life jackets may just be the most awkward thing ever.
She loved the sand.
Chubby baby legs
Naptime on the boat.
For Audrey too.
I swear they liked doing this.
So big!
Now obsessed with ice cream.  And his new horsey.

First ice cream cone.
These two turned the beach into their own construction site.

Some alone time, channeling Joey Potter.
See!  Just like Dirty Dancing!  All I needed was a watermelon.

Aiden is SO much nicer to Katelyn than he is to Audrey.  Boys.
We had all four kids while Scott & Julie went to the wedding.  It was actually an easy and fun night!
Boys on the tree stump chairs.
We had lots of time together while Audrey napped during the day.

Sunset on our last night.
Waving goodbye to the lake!

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