Friday, March 11, 2016

Wardrobe Malfunction

First of all, a fashion blogger I am not.  I have no intention of writing about fashion on a regular basis, however I thought my current dilemma and my attempt to solve it may be helpful to some, so here we are!  We had a 75 degree day awhile back and I came to the fast realization that I have absolutely nothing to wear when it gets warmer.  Sure, I could wear shorts that won't stay up or baggy t-shirts but since I'm 4 - 5 sizes smaller than I was a year ago, I think I deserve better :). 

I started researching the whole "capsule wardrobe" concept and quickly decided that this was the way I needed to go.  Since I am starting from scratch, it doesn't make sense (nor can I afford) to just go out and buy whatever I want and like.  The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to purchase and/or use what you already have to create multiple outfits, basically stick with staple items and maybe throw in a fun accessory or two.  I found a lot of good examples on Pinterest, but I ran into two issues.  One - most of these wardrobes had 30 or more items and I just can't go out and buy 30 things right now.  The other issue was even the "stay at home mom" suggestions were much dressier than what I really need right now.  I am mostly in workout clothes at the gym and after and lounge type clothes when I'm working from home.  Maybe twice I week do I actually need to wear something nicer.  So I set out to create my own wish list with these things in mind.  I also want these pieces to last into summer and fall and basically be a good foundation that I can continue to add to over time.  Remember that I am literally starting from scratch, so I've got a long way to go!

**I originally planned on including pictures of these items, but I've read way too many horror stories about people getting in trouble for this!  So, instead I included links to clothing that fit the description :).

White Jeans - I love white jeans and they are so versatile.  I'd like a pair that are not distressed so that I can wear them when it's cold out too. 

Colored Jeans - Also versatile and I can see getting a lot of use out of these.  I really like the idea of red for Reds games, Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc. 

Jean Shorts - I've always struggled to find a good pair of jean shorts that fit right and are modern.  I like the idea of the cut off style. 

Colored/Patterned Shorts - I could go crazy here, but I'm going to find one pair that fit well and can be matched up with a lot of different tops. 

Colorful Skirt - I'm thinking of pairing this with a chambray top for Easter.  This is a good option for any wedding/baby showers or dinners out too. 

Casual Dress - I used to live in these until I had kids and am now always on the floor and bending over to carry someone.  This may or may not double as the swim cover up below. 

Chambray Shirt - I've owned a few of these but now none of them fit.  As in I could fit both kids underneath them.  

Solid color T-Shirts/Tank Tops - Also so hard to find just the right ones.  I'm going to do some searching and trying on to find the perfect fit. 

A "Fun" Shirt - For date night, dinners out with friends or a girl's night.  

Jean Jacket or Field Jacket - The last jean jacket I owned was in high school and I wore it to death.  Since apparently they are a thing again, it's time to relive the glory days.  Or a green field jacket may do the trick too. 

Athletic Shorts - I don't really like to workout in shorts, but these would be great for when I work from home or am just hanging out with the kids in the backyard. 

Athletic Capris - My favorite workout pants.  I have one pair right now, all of my others are full length and I will be way too hot in them come warmer temps!

Workout Tanks - I also prefer to workout in tank tops rather than anything with sleeves.  I need to continue to add to my limited collection. 

Swimsuit - I took the kids swimming at an indoor water park today and my suit from last year is pretty loose.  Going to keep an eye on sales for this one. 

Swim Cover Up - This will probably be a casual dress that I can wear whenever.  The athletic shorts do the trick here too, but it'd be nice to step up my swimwear game just a tad this summer!

So there it is!  A list of 15 items to get me through warmer weather without breaking the bank or filling my closet with things I won't actually wear. If you have any suggestions for these items, I'd love to hear them!  Or if you think I'm missing anything :).  Now to find time to actually shop...

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