Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

What a wonderful Easter weekend!  The weather was gorgeous, the kids were in good moods and we got to spend some quality time with our family.  We spent 90% of our time outside and it made me wonder if we shouldn't move into the country one of these days.  I guess you never know :).  I also got to try out some of my new wardrobe additions and so far so good!  Lots of pictures in this post, I hope you enjoy!

We started Saturday off at an Easter Egg Hunt at a place called Jane's Saddlebag Ranch.  I heard about this place awhile ago, it's definitely unique!  The egg hunt was, well, interesting.  Let's just say some parents must really like Tootsie Rolls ;).  We got one egg and then played with the animals and on the playground.  That's more our style anyway!

After that, we headed to a friend's farm so Andrew could help out.  They have clydesdales and we often help out when they do parades.  Andrew will be helping in the Red's Opening Day Parade next week (aka one of my favorite days of the year!) and they wanted to do a practice run with the horses. The kids LOVE this place and we had a blast.  

Easter Sunday was spent playing with Easter Bunny treats, celebrating at church and hanging out with family.  Easter is such a happy holiday and it always gives me hope and positivity looking ahead.  Which apparently I needed because we got no sleep last night and Audrey woke up with a stomach bug!  Back to reality!  Luckily, we are still riding the high of a wonderful weekend!

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