Friday, February 17, 2017

Aiden Paul is 4!

Oh how is our baby boy going to be FOUR already?!  I remember thinking a year ago that turning three wasn't a big deal, he's still a toddler, which is still close to being a baby.  But here we are at 4 and he is officially a little kid.  Of course I'm overjoyed to watch him grow into a healthy, happy boy, but that doesn't mean I don't long for one day of newborn Aiden snuggles.  

Aiden turns four on Sunday and we are celebrating at one of his favorite places!  It's going to be a busy few days before then because next week we are heading to the happiest place on I wanted to share about our soon-to-be 4-year-old today.  

Aiden is so many things, it's hard to know where to begin.  He is still the best cuddler (he's on my lap as I type this) and thrives on one-on-one attention.  I think that comes from having a baby sister so close in age.  He is happiest in the dirt with trucks, putting together train tracks or drawing.  He LOVES school this year (thank goodness) and is learning so much.  He has one more year of preschool before Kindergarten.

Aiden is goofy, imaginative and active.  I swear he could run a marathon on those little legs and he's starting to be interested in sports.  He can really swing a bat!  He carries his pony Cassidy with him quite a bit and also talks about a few other imaginative animals and places.  He's not the best listener (which we work on A LOT), but he's really trying to be good.  He likes to model good behavior for Audrey and make sure she's being a good listener and he now instinctively says please, thank you and I'm sorry...and typically means it :).

His relationship with Audrey warms my heart (most of the time).  They are becoming quite the pair; they play pretty well together and Aiden is learning she won't always do what he wants, haha.  He calls her "baby girl" like I do and it's adorable.  He looks up to his Daddy and is in awe of everything he does.  He is like him in so many ways and they love spending time - just the boys.  He is a mama's boy as well.  It's hard for me to not give him everything he wants because he just has a strong grip on my heart.  He made me a mommy, challenges me, and has taught me more than I thought possible.

Aiden Favorites: Trains, Trucks, All Other Vehicles, Mickey, PJ Masks, Blippi, Riding his Bike, Digging Outside, School, Drawing and Writing his Name, Being Bossy, Holidays (especially Halloween), Goetta, "Old McDonald's as he calls it, and the Pancake Place (aka Bob Evans). 

Aiden Dislikes: Following Directions, The Potty, Vegetables and Most Fruit (sigh), and other random things he decides to dislike at the moment.

Aiden Paul....We LOVE you!! We hope you have the most wonderful birthday and we can't wait to spend the week as a family.  

Some favorite pictures from the past year...

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