Saturday, February 11, 2017

An Attitude of Gratitude

Surely you've heard this phrase before.  If not, I'm glad to be the one to introduce it to you.  "An Attitude of Gratitude" has been a difficult concept for me lately.  Of course I am extremely grateful for this life, but I've been forgetting to live as if I am.  I've found myself crying and frowning more than laughing and smiling.  I'm more negative than positive and I worry much more than I enjoy.  This is not who I am and it's definitely not who I want to be.  Without getting too personal, let's just say I know this is a hard cycle to break...but I am taking active steps to break it. 

Why share this?  As I've talked to others about these feelings, I've discovered that I am not so special.  Many people (especially other moms) are going through something similar and it's been comforting to me to know that we share this struggle.  Perhaps by sharing these words, I'll comfort someone else.

One of the ways I am trying to tackle this negativity is to include sayings or phrases in some self-talk each day. Do you talk to yourself?  75% of my day is spent with toddlers, so I do happen to have a lot of "talk" going on in my head.  I'm starting with typing these ideas here, with the hope that I will come back to this post when I feel these emotions taking over.  

Here we go.  These ideas came from a variety of sources, but the words are all my own.  I will plug a specific book I am reading right now, You'll Get Through This by Max Lucado.  It's pretty much life-changing.  I hope this list helps you to gain new perspective, and also develop an "Attitude of Gratitude."

  • Whenever you have the opportunity to make someone's day... Do it.
  • Make your kids laugh whenever possible.
  • Instead of saying "I have to," say "I GET to."
  • Take a deep breath before disciplining your kids.
  • When talking with someone, look him in the eyes.
  • Tell a different person each day why you are grateful for him/her.
  • Apologize when you've done something that warrants it.  
  • Listen - to your spouse, your kids, your friends.  
  • When you start to feel jealous of someone, feel happy for them instead.
  • When in the middle of heartache, chaos or both...remember there was a way in, so there is also a way out. 

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