Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Picky Princess Who Loves Freshly Picked!

Either I've blocked it out of my memory or Aiden wasn't as "terrible" at age 2 as our sweet girl can sometimes be.  She has two moods - sweet and loving or wild and opinionated.  Kind of sounds like most women ;).  But one thing she has been VERY opinionated about recently is her clothing.  She is pretty much in either a diaper or her Santa PJs 90% of the time...much to my dismay, given the adorable-ness of her wardrobe.  

Now that spring is approaching, I knew she would need some new shoes and I wanted to choose wisely.  Luckily, I was able to partner up with Freshly Picked to get her a new pair of their famous moccasins!  She lived in her last pair and I've been anxious to get her a replacement.  When I saw the new "Sweetheart" style, my heart was sold.

Audrey remembered her last pair and eagerly pulled these out of the packaging.  We slipped them on (they are SO easy to put on...she can even do it herself!) and she was OFF.  As I mentioned...she has a wild streak.  

Her feet are fairly wide and thick, so I love that these shoes actually fit her and mold to her foot.  Since it was chilly today, I had her wear socks with them, but as it warms up, you can definitely skip them!  The quality is amazing, they really do last a long time ( I get them a little big because of this fact) and they are easier to clean than you'd think.  Truly worth the investment.  Plus, they're adorable.

It's appropriate that my "picky" little girl loves her Freshly Picked moccasins.  These shoes have the same amount of attitude as she does...which may be why she struts her stuff when she wears them ;).  Freshly Picked provides a wide variety of styles to choose from...the "Dalmation" and "Leopard" were hard to pass up!

Check out all Freshly Picked has to offer here.  And be on the look out on my Instagram page - @anlimke - for a giveaway soon! 

Huge thanks to Freshly Picked for sponsoring this post! 

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