Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Audrey Kay - 7 Months

I’m pretty sure I wrote Audrey’s 6-month update yesterday, but here we are at 7 months!  Audrey turned 7 months on Saturday, had her first Easter on Sunday and her first Opening Day parade yesterday!  It’s amazing how quickly babies change at this age, I feel like she is changing daily!

I’m not exactly sure how much she weighs, but I would guess around 22 pounds.  Her 12-month clothes are slowly becoming snug, she’ll be in 18 month in no time, I’m sure.  She has crawled once and since then has been trying to do it again.  She loves to stand while you hold her hands and she also loves to bounce on daddy’s lap!  She also said what I would call her first word!  She’s been babbling dada dada for a while, but last week Andrew went to leave the room and she reached for him and said, Dada!  He pretty much turned into a puddle on the floor.

She is a little fussier right now; I believe it’s due to a combination of factors.  She’s getting more teeth, is still congested and is restless!  She wants to move and keep up with Aiden.  I remember going through this stage with Aiden too.  While I’m trying to not wish away time, I look forward to when she’s a bit happier :). 

Food has been a bit of a struggle with her illness this past month.  She is doing better right now, but we are going to try more of a “baby led weaning” approach.  She is waking up in the middle of the night for a bottle and scarfs it down – she’s obviously hungry.  Speaking of sleep, it’s been up and down since 6 months.  She usually wakes up twice – once to eat and once to be soothed.  I’m trying not to stress over it and just let her figure it out.  At least she sleeps in her crib!

The best part of this age is that she is clearly interacting with all of us and is soaking in her surroundings like a sponge.  If we are out and about, she is a happy camper.  She’s even happier when Aiden is close by.  She loves to play peek-a-boo and will use just about anything to play it.  She scoots over to Ollie whenever she can to pull his ears and try to chew on his tail.  Her smile continues to light up our days.  It’s been the fastest 7 months of our lives. 

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