Monday, May 4, 2015

Audrey Kay - 8 Months

8 months seems waaaaaay too close to one year.  Yikes.  It’s been an eventful month in the life of our baby girl with her first Easter and her baptism.  The rest of the month can be summed up in a few words….teething, crying, planking, more teething and crawling!  Oh and more sunshine and time outside! 
Hanging out with Aiden at a horse parade in Oxford.
Audrey already had two teeth going into this month and she’s coming out with another (three on the bottom now!) and two on the way on top.  Every morning I wake up, hoping they have popped through, for both of our sakes :).  This, along with a cold, has made my hip her favorite spot.  Sleep has been very inconsistent and she seems to be trying to shift her nap schedule around a bit.  I’ve heard of an “8 month sleep regression,” so I’m hoping that’s not where this is headed.  Regressing from where we are now would not be so great.
Sitting up in her crib...time to lower the mattress!
Audrey has tried so hard all month to crawl and she is just about there.  She will get up on all fours, move her knees forward, then lift up into a plank, then back down to repeat.  This results in slow movement and once she figures out that she can move with keeping her knees down, she will be off and crawling!  **Update since I wrote this a couple of days ago…we have a crawler!  Audrey came across the living room rug to me this morning and then all the way across the gym childcare floor when I picked her up.  Look out!

How Audrey spent most of the last month.

Pulling up to stand at the bookstore.
She is still babbling “dadadada” but nothing else quite yet.  I thought I heard a “mama” in the middle of a cry the other day, so maybe that is on it’s way!  Her hair is growing quickly and getting lighter.  Gotta love those blonde haired, blue-eyed girls!

Current Audrey loves: being held, playing with Aiden, touching Aiden, pulling Aiden’s hair, singing, playing pretend with stuffed animals, blowing raspberries, snuggling with mommy in the middle of the night while drinking a bottle and being outside.

Current Audrey dislikes: being left alone, food (we are struggling with all kinds of food right now), staying up past 7pm, and teething!!

Blowing raspberries at the park...and looking a lot like daddy in this picture!

Despite a fussier month, she is still our little ray of sunshine (foreshadowing of her first birthday theme – yes, I’ve already started planning).  Her smile and big blue eyes were obviously sent from heaven.  We look forward to what the next month will bring for our baby girl!

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