Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day: Someday you'll understand

How many times did you hear, “someday you’ll understand,” as a child?  Or even as a teenager and adult.  It usually comes from mom, when you want to do something that she already knows is not a good idea.  In honor of Mother’s Day this weekend, I’d like to officially tell my mom that “someday” is here and I understand.  I get it.  I love them the way you love me and it all makes sense now. 

My mom and I didn’t always have it easy in life, nor did we always get along.  We still don’t always get along, but it’s because we are one in the same.  We are both extremely sensitive and emotional and we both love with all of our hearts.  Of course this leads to a good amount of disappointment, but I don’t think either of us would have it any other way.  My mom is pretty good at a lot of things.  She has had many different jobs and always excelled in whatever it was she was doing, from medical billing to furniture sales.  She was always trying to find the best life for me and I know now how incredibly stressful and worrisome that must have been.  What she may not know…I did have the best life.  I had a mother who loved me so much it made up for not having a biological dad in the picture.  I had an extremely supportive family who made my childhood one that I hope for my children.  I live now with no regrets and know that everything we went through has made both of us who we are today.

When Aiden was born, I remember looking at my mom and thinking, could she really love me this much?  It seems impossible that someone else could love as much as you love your kids.  But they do.  Moms do.  My mom does.  Mother’s Day is bittersweet for many, as so many women want to desperately be a mom or have lost their mom.  I understand this feeling and I hope they know they are not forgotten on this day. 

I look at my children and my heart often feels like it’s going to explode.  As much as I want to give them the world, more importantly I want to give them unconditional love.  I want them to know I am their number one fan and will ALWAYS be here for them.  Luckily, I have a great example of this love in my mom.  I know if I follow in her footsteps, my kids will be just fine. 

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom.  Thank you for the gift of love that I am able to pass on to my babies. 

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