Monday, June 8, 2015

Audrey Kay - 9 Months

I’ll start off with the obligatory, I can’t believe my baby is already 9 months old!  She has changed a lot over the past month, really the past two weeks.  At 8 months, she had just started crawling and now she is ALL over the place.  She’s crawling, pulling up on everything and climbing on everything.  This affects everyone in our house, but I think Aiden is noticing it the most.  He looks at her like, “Um, you’re not supposed to move.”  She just learned to pull up at his train table and you would have thought Godzilla arrived in Aiden’s make believe train world.  But overall, he is handling her mobility well and he’s doing much better with sharing.  This past week, Audrey had her first trip to Children’s and her first more serious illness.  She had Hand, Foot & Mouth and it was NASTY.  Hopefully we don’t have to go through that one again.  Here are a few more updates from this month…

Audrey Likes: Moving, following Aiden around the house, climbing on tables, the fireplace and really everything else, real food (now wants whatever we are eating), playing in the basement, walks outside, Elmo, clapping, signing “all done,” riding in a cart and being held by mommy.

Audrey Dislikes: Sleeping through the night (hasn’t happened in a LONG time), long rides in her car seat…I’m struggling to think of anymore!  She’s been much happier this month, thanks to her 7th tooth finally popping through and mastering crawling!

One more exciting thing…her hair is starting to curl!  I was hoping it would :).  And a few pictures of the last month…

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