Friday, June 26, 2015

Healthy Mom, Healthy Kids + Giveaway!

I’ve written a lot about my healthy eating goals and I’m making a lot of progress.  But what’s the one thing that’s harder than getting myself to eat good food?  Getting a two year old to eat it too!  Actually, it’s getting a two year old to eat anything other than peanut butter and goldfish.  I always offer Aiden a variety of food and I have the motto that he’ll eat if he’s hungry.  But I can’t help but stress out a little when I know he’s gone 48 hours without any veggies.  I’ll keep at it, but in the meantime I have a little trick up my sleeve that’s helped out quite a bit!

I found Re-Play items originally on Instagram.  They have great posts (@replayrecycled), you should follow them!  I was in search of a sippy cup that really didn’t spill and through their “no spill challenge,” I found one!  I also happened to be a VERY lucky winner of an Instagram contest and won their entire collection.  It came at a perfect time as I needed something to spark Aiden’s interest in food and Audrey was really taking off with solids. 

I definitely recommend trying out all of their products, but my favorites so far have been the sippy cups, bowls and divided plates.  These cups really do not spill, I swear!  Aiden accidentally slept with one all night and there was not a drop of milk in his bed the next morning.  Audrey is starting to use a cup and these have been a great transition from a bottle. 

The little bowls are perfect for mac and cheese, cottage cheese or cereal and even ice cream!  I think I’ve used these bowls for myself more than I have for the kids.

And when Aiden helped me unpack our winnings, he took an interest in the plates.  I let him pick his color for each meal and it helps him to have the food visually divided.  And it forces me to make sure and give him a variety!

Another fun fact…these products are made from recycled milk jugs!  They are safe to use (read all about that here) and are dishwasher safe.  The price point is great too.

So you’ll be seeing a lot of these plates, bowls, utensils and cups as I post more about my kids and their eating habits.  I want eating to be fun for them and for them to see it as the fuel they need to have energy.  Aiden still loves French fries and ice cream (who doesn’t?), but I’m glad to now have some help in getting him to try some new things.

And the best part of this post!  You can win a set of Re-Play products!  Their theme for July is “nautical” and they have been nice enough to offer up their nautical set to one of my readers.  All you have to do is comment on this post with your child's favorite food! This contest will run now through July 3rd and the winner will be notified July 6th.  Good luck!
Win this set!
**This giveaway is sponsored by Re-Play, but all opinions are my own!  


  1. These look amazing! Love the color combo. Would love this set for Logan!!! Currently his favorite foods are Trader Joes tomato soup, cheese and smoothies. :)

  2. As a mom always looking to avoid plastic and make healthier choices for Mason's meal time, the re-play website explanation of their product may have changed my mind (I followed your link). We also use the "choose the color plate from which you want to eat" and it helps him get more excited about it. However, Mason's bamboo plates are not dishwasher safe and pain in the hiney to hand wash all the time :(.

    Mason's favorite foods are cheese; any kind. String cheese, soft cheese, stinky cheese, grilled cheese, Mac n cheese and "strawbabies." (He's two)

    Andrea, it had been fun reading your blog and following your journey. Also fun to get some ideas from another mom (and sister) who is making similar choices for her family as me!

  3. These products looks great! :)

    Connor is my adventurous little eater however his favorite food is any form of potatoes, especially mashed.

  4. Anna loves "stick cheese" which is really string cheese, and yogurt. I hear ya on the craziness that is a two year old's palate! There's no pleasing it! Funny thing is that she loves dairy...but won't drink milk. HUH??

    Thanks for sharing- I enjoy reading about your adventures!!

    Julie E

    1. Julie!! You are the winner! Email me your address please :)

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