Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My Take on Direct Sales

Unless you've been living under a social media rock (which is unlikely since you're reading this!), you've noticed that the concept of direct sales has taken off.  People are selling, and buying, makeup, skin care, clothing, food, name it, if there's not a direct sales company for it yet, there probably will be soon.  Along with the fast growth of these companies has come the naysayers.  You may think that this post is going to be my joining of the masses and complaining about the annoying posts and over sharing of success stories.  Well, think again.

Direct sales has come a long way from the Longaberger parties I used to attend with my mom when I was younger.  Us kids would sit in the other room and make fun of the women who were oohing and ahhhing over baskets.  But a few short years later, I was invited to a jewelry party and started oohing and ahhhing myself.  Fast forward a few years again and I started my own direct sales business.  A good friend of mine had just started selling MaryKay and was loving it.  I had recently lost my job and not only loved the products, but loved the support and positivity from the women she was working with.  I became a consultant and worked the business for a few months before deciding it wasn't good timing for me.  

A few months ago a new (to me) direct sales company exploded on my Facebook feed.  Rodan + Fields was everywhere and several of my friends were joining the company and starting their own businesses.  The products seemed to generate great results and I was curious to try them.  My friend Beth (click here to check out her site!) sent me a mini-facial to try and I was impressed.  I also had a consultation with her and learned which products would be right for me.  While adding a new regimen to my skincare isn't in the budget right now, I am eager to try these out in the near future.

LOVE Beth's attention to detail.
So why share my experience with direct sales?  Why dedicate an entire post to this topic?  Frankly, I'm tired of hearing people complain about the women (and men) who have chosen this path.  Yes, they post a lot of information and pictures.  Yes, they seem more upbeat and supportive than is humanly possible.  BUT...what is so wrong with that?  Who are we to put them down for taking a chance?  I see advertisements all the time from big box companies, but I don't see a lot of complaints about those.  I will always choose to support a friend who is starting a small business, when financially able.  I will always prefer to read about my friends' successes and positive attitudes over negativity.  

That little blue thing...heaven on my face.
Bottom line... Rodan + Fields, MaryKay and even Longaberger...they are great products.  Those who have chosen to sell them are doing so to provide you with quality and good for them for making money along the way.  I'm pretty sure this is just the beginning of this type of consumerism.  So how about we support and encourage these business owners, if not with a purchase then maybe a "like" on one of those many Facebook pictures.  I promise an encouraging attitude feels much better than a negative one... and with less frowning, you may even end up with less wrinkles ;).