Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favorites: Heart Edition

I decided to jump on the Friday Favorites bandwagon today with mixed emotions.  Several of my favorite bloggers do this and while I do enjoy reading them, I always have a few questions.  Do they really buy all of these things?!  Are they being paid to tell me about these coffee cups?  Or these jeans?  Not that I have a problem with that, it just makes me curious.  I almost always like all of the things that they recommend, but then there is a bit of a wave of disappointment when my practical side tells me, "No, you should not buy that baby hat with the snowflake on it.  Audrey already has a hat."  And yet, here I am.  I can assure you that I have not and will not be buying all of these things.  And I am most definitely not getting paid to tell you about them.  But, it's fun and they are cute and Fridays are supposed to be more lighthearted anyway :).

Now on to the fun stuff, if I haven't lost you yet!  Today is all about hearts.  Not only is February in a few short days, but I have a special connection to this symbol.  I am drawn to snowflakes because it was a big part of our wedding decor and I am drawn to hearts given my experience with having to take care of mine.  I hope you enjoy!

These pajama pants and this coffee mug.  I love Old Navy pj pants because they come in tall!  And this mug from the Target dollar section (it was actually $3) makes me smile at 5:15am... that's hard to do!  I like this one even more.  

Due to that lovely "b" word (budget), I have tried to cut back on buying decorations for our house.  But last year, I couldn't resist this garland from Target.  I also like these.  Her banners are great quality and I love following her on Instagram (@Alpineridgeandco). 

I had to buy this shirt for Aiden.  He's had it each year, so we can now call it tradition.  Here he is wearing it last year.  After my surgery, he was the cutest doctor, taking care of mommy.  This was his "I prefer one arm out of my shirt at all times" phase.  

Hannah Andersson pajamas are the BEST out there.  But they are pricey, which is why I probably won't take the plunge with these.  The ones I have bought (on major sale) have held up so well and really are worth the money. 

I've been slowly replacing my wardrobe, as things begin to literally fall off of me (woohoo!).  I recently purchased this workout shirt with a gift card.  I love that it supports Go Red for Women.

The second Audrey's hair was longer than peach fuzz, I ordered these sparkle bows.  I am now eyeing several other things from this shop, including the heart clip.  Sophia and Co. is a great small business run by a couple who live in Columbus!  If you're a Buckeye fan, they always have cute accessories :).

Sweaty Bands are a workout staple for me and I may have to get this one for the Heart Mini.

Audrey is outgrowing clothes faster than I can drink a pot of coffee (seems that way at least), so I bought her this outfit in the next size up (there's a pink sparkly heart on her shirt).  For under $10 for both pieces, I should've bought more.

Last but not least, these popcorn "recipes" always sound so good and white chocolate is my favorite.  I may have to actually make it this time, instead of just drooling over the pictures!

Have a great weekend! 

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