Thursday, October 20, 2016

Confidence is More Than Skin Deep

For as long as I can remember, I've had bad skin.  As a teenager, I tried EVERYthing!  I ripped ads from Seventeen and bought every product from the drugstore.  I tried over-the-counter and prescription products and was eventually put on Accutane.  If you know anything about that drug, you know it is BAD stuff.  My skin was clear, but I swear it changed my personality.  

Fast forward through the rest of high school, college and beyond and my skin has never been great.  I've mastered the art of concealer, and was still trying a variety of products to see what may finally do the trick.  Over the past year and a half, my confidence has grown in so many ways, thanks to focusing on my physical and emotional health.  Well, this past summer I realized the last piece of the puzzle was my skin.  Overall health should definitely include skin, so I began to use sunscreen on a regular basis and was sure to wash and moisturize twice daily.  But I still. got. zits. 

Surely, you've heard of Rodan + Fields.  In fact, you probably have at least one friend who sells it, and more friends who use it.  But maybe not!  I have been inundated with info on these products the past year, and I've always been intrigued.  I had seen what Proactive could do, so I was curious what the doctors who created that could offer with Rodan + Fields products.  About two months ago, I was lucky enough to get to start the "Unblemish" regimen, and I began using it strictly, as directed.

I went in with low expectations and am coming out of these two months VERY impressed with the results.  I always criticize before/after pictures, so I tried to take these at the exact same time of day, in the same spot and as you can tell, right out of the shower...

I think I was most excited about the change in the texture of my skin.  The acne has seriously stopped and my scarring is MUCH better!  My skin is brighter, smoother and more even.  I didn't wear much makeup before - well, now I hardly wear it at all! 

Everyone (myself included) always talks about the pros of products, but rarely addresses the concerns.  Here are my thoughts on what I've heard (and even thought myself at times):

It's expensive.  Well yes, it's an investment.  But you use VERY little product each time and it lasts a few months.  I also did the math, and I'm spending less on this regimen than I was on my trial and error purchases at Target.

It's Direct Sales.  Well yes, again it is.  But so what?  I would much rather support a friend to get a product I love, versus buying from a box store.

Their posts are just too much for me.  Okay, I know you've thought this...and so have I.  HOWEVER...I love the products because they work.  Those selling Rodan + Fields are excited about the success they've seen and they want to share it.  I'd much rather have that positivity infiltrate my Facebook feed than other junk.  And if it still bothers you...these people are human and they get it.  Just tell them :).

I've been so happy with my Rodan + Fields experience and am happy to be able to share the love! If you head on over to my Instagram page (anlimke), you'll find a great giveaway and more info on how to order!  If you have ANY questions, please reach out and I can point you in the right direction.  

Happy Thursday, have a wonderful weekend!! 

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