Tuesday, September 1, 2015

525,600 Minutes

How do you measure a year?

RENT is my favorite Broadway musical of all time.  If you haven't seen it and don't know this song, please click here and fall in love with the lyrics.  As we approach Audrey's 1st birthday this Friday, I've thought a lot about this past year.  Years always fly by and always seem to have been filled with more change and life events than possible.  But this year...this year has truly been the craziest year of my life.  Audrey was born in September just after Aiden turned 18 months old.  My aortic valve was quickly deteriorating and while I was sleep deprived from a newborn and active toddler, I was also quickly losing energy.  My surgery was in January and Aiden turned two in February.  Recovery went well but was long and I've been on this road to better physical and emotional health since.  

I've measured this year much differently than those in the past.  As I listened to "Seasons of Love" and the things they list, I started to make my own.  Here's what I came up with...

In heartbeats
In centimeters (dilated :))
In baby cries
In diapers
In bottles
In cups of coffee
In smiles
In hugs
In doctors
In choo-choos
In snotty noses
In friendships
In kisses
In progress
In support
In hand holding
In story times
In pounds
In firsts
In love...

A year ago I knew we were in for a roller coaster ride.  We rode it, not always with our hands in the air, but with a positive attitude.  And we got off stronger as a family and more appreciative of life than ever before.

"It's time now to sing out
Though the story never ends.
Let's celebrate..."

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