Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aiden Paul - 2 and a 1/2

Halfway to 3!  So hard to believe, but what's even harder to believe is how much Aiden has changed this past year.  A year ago we were getting ready to add Audrey to our family and Aiden was just a baby.  He was 18 months old and had no idea how much his world would be rocked.  The transition from an only child has been hard on our sweet boy.  To say he is doted on is an understatement and he definitely has felt the necessary shift that happens when another baby is born.  But, despite the struggles, he loves his baby sister and is genuinely excited that she is growing up and becoming more of a "kid."

I recently wrote about Aiden's antics.  His new favorite thing to do is run, specifically away from me when we are out in public.  It terrifies me and I now understand why people use those backpack leashes.  Hopefully we get this under control VERY quickly.

Along with the terrible two challenges, Aiden is a blast to be around right now.  He plays pretend and makes jokes.  He hides things from me (the remote is his favorite), chases Audrey around and says everything is "so fun!"  He loves "Hot Dog" (Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) still and of course Thomas.  He's also recently enjoyed 101 Dalmations and Alvin and the Chipmunks.  I love to watch him play.  He puts together his alphabet puzzle, fills his train and diggers with "things" from around the house and builds very large cars with his blocks.  He's become much more confident with his body, climbing up playsets and zipping down slides.  This is a big change from even just a few weeks ago.  The life of a two year old...each hour is totally different from the last.

It amazes me daily how Aiden's become a little sponge.  He repeats things we say (including dammit, whoops) and remembers things we tell him.  He can count to 15 on his own and loves to count things in general. He says, "How many (fill in the blank) there is?" One of the many sayings I don't want to correct because it's so dang cute.  He also likes to ask silly questions and then answer, "nooooo!"  Like..."Do giraffes fly up in the sky?  Nooooooo!"  I love that we can have conversations now!

I look at this sweet face and wonder where time has gone.  Luckily, he still loves to be held and cuddled and still insists I hold his hand while he falls asleep.  I try to not dwell on the stages we've left behind and enjoy Aiden how he is right now.  And I know there is even more fun to come.

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