Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Aiden's Antics

This should have been a series of posts a long time ago.  But, since Aiden's language and vocabulary have really exploded these past few weeks, I wanted to make sure and document some of the unbelievably cute things he says and does.  Are they sometimes annoying, frustrating and borderline misbehaving?  Of course.  But I know there will be a time in the not so distant future when I will long to have just one more day of two year old Aiden.  And this way, I can come back and read this post :).  So here are a few of Aiden's recent antics...

His trucks.  They go everywhere with him and now in a designated "digger backpack" thanks to a not so detail oriented mommy who ordered the wrong size backpack for pre-school.  Monogramming = no returning.  But oh well, it's super cute and he loves it.  He knows the names of each truck and my favorite is when he says "excavator."  This is his favorite...the backhoe. 

Climbing.  He now likes to climb the bookcase in his room, chain link fences and apparently table tops.  When I discovered him like this and asked him what he was doing, he said, "Flying an airplane and eating breakfast!"  Naturally.

Farmer everything.  This is his farmer hat.  The way he says "traaaaactor" is adorable.  Probably a phase, but I like this one.

Hiding things, especially food related things.  I find cheerios in dump trucks.  And today, I was feeling lucky and left Aiden with a spoon of peanut butter and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while Audrey napped so I could take a quick shower.  This is where I finally found the spoon an hour later while making lunch...

Aiden quotes...

"Damnit."  Yes, I accidentally taught him this one.  Let's just say there was a poop situation with Audrey.

"No biting, Audrey!"  This usually comes right after he's pushed her over and yes, she bit him.

In response to a question instead of saying no, he says, "Not!"  Every time this happens I'm reminded of the  popularity of this word in the 80's and the hot pink oversized t-shirt I owned (and wore pretty much everyday) with NOT printed on the front.  Clearly Aiden is just as cool as I was.

Oh there are so many more and of course I can't think of them when I sit down to type.  I'll do a 2.5 year post soon and try to add more then.  Until then, I'm sure our dirt loving, choo-choo saying boy will keep us on our toes.

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