Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Audrey Kay - 11 Months

There’s a saying that goes, “The days are long, but the years short.”  I’d like to amend that in honor of Audrey’s 11-month birthday to, “The nights are VERY long, but the years are short.”  Audrey hasn’t slept much this past month, which means neither have I.  Let’s just say it’s been great spending so much quality time together ;).  To her credit, she has had a busy month full of fun, learning and growing.  Her 8th tooth is (slowly) popping through and she is seriously considering the whole walking thing.  She took one step, on accident, the other day, so we’ll see if she reaches this milestone before her big b-day.  Audrey also went on her first vacation this month and made it clear that she loves the sand, sun and water but isn’t a fan of lifejackets or sleeping in an old crib in a hot room.  I am planning her birthday party and it’s so surreal as I felt like I was just planning Aiden’s, along with the big announcement that Audrey was on her way.  I’ve long since come to terms with the sleep deprivation that comes along with this season of life and while some days are tougher than others; I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So here’s a recap of Audrey at 11 months…hopefully this next month goes slower than the past 11.

Audrey Likes:
  • ·     Yelling (loudly!), this girl can scream
  • ·     Cruising and considering this whole walking thing
  • ·     Playing with Aiden – she likes to steal his toys and crawl away as fast as possible.  When he comes to get it, she drops it and runs.  I’m trying to get this on video, it’s pretty hilarious.  They’ve also started roughhousing, which makes me incredibly nervous, but makes them laugh uncontrollably.
  • ·     Eating!  Bottles, food, you name it.  She’s taking less formula during the day, but still wants some overnight.  I’ll probably need to address that at some point.  Her favorite foods are meat, cheese and pouches.
  • ·     Running away.  Seriously, we were at the bookstore the other day and she made it to the self help section before I could get her.  I pick her up and she just laughs.  This will be even more fun when she can run…and then there’s Aiden to remember…yikes.
  • ·     Mickey Mouse.  We watch our fair share of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Audrey will speed crawl from another room to do the “hotdog dance.”  Aiden likes to dance with her and of course Ollie and me have to join in too. 
  • ·     Bath time…she loves splashing with Aiden.  And she even tolerates when he “washes” her hair and dumps a cup full of water over her head. 
  • ·     Oh and just for memory’s sake…she weighs 25 pounds.  Not sure on length, but definitely tall.  She’s quickly catching up to Aiden!

Audrey Dislikes:
  • ·     Sleeping through the night (womp womp) and sleep in general hasn’t been great.  I think she’s trying to move to one nap, but I’m definitely going through one of those times when you feel clueless as a parent!
  • ·     Holding her own bottle/cup.  We are working on this because I am OVER bottles and formula and hope to get her on milk ASAP when she turns one. 
  • ·     Being confined.  She does okay for short periods of time but now gets restless in a cart, stroller, car seat, high chair…it’s really fun :).
  • ·     She doesn’t love the pool, much to my dismay.  Aiden isn’t a huge fan either but I’m trying to (gently) make them love it.  I’m sure they will someday, and it’s hard to take them anyway.  Audrey seems to like the same places as Aiden…the zoo, sandbox, bookstores. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Audrey is our last baby and to truly cherish all of these little moments and milestones.  Especially because of Aiden, I know there are so many wonderful experiences to look forward to with her, but I am struggling with letting go of my little baby.  I feel bad for her, because she is going to hear, “you’ll always be my baby,” A LOT.  (Mom, I apologize for getting annoyed every time you say this to me :).)  Happy 11 months baby girl, we love you with all of our hearts!

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