Thursday, July 21, 2016

A Week in Pictures - Summer Edition

Summer is flying by and with each hot, sunny day I get a little anxious about the thought of it ending.  Having surprise surgery at the beginning of June put a damper on the start of my favorite season and now I feel like we are playing catch up.  Days mixed with nonstop activity and lying around watching movies.  One minute eating healthy, fresh food and the next, soft serve ice cream.  We've had our fair share of whiney moments, fights, and sleepless nights but overall, it's been a good summer.

So today I am "picture dumping" here so in February I can come back to this post and daydream about summer ;).  Here's what our past week has looked like...

We all love ice cream and we FINALLY found a whippy dip near our house.  Cheap and delicious.  Perfect. 

Those pajamas used to be a perfect fit.  Can you say growth spurt?!

Daddy wanted to wash cars, so naturally the Cozy Coupe and Back-Ho needed a scrub too.

Is there a better summer lunch?  It tasted even better outside.

This pool reminded me just how tall I really am!

Yes, he's about to dump that on her head.  

My best friend had a baby boy!  This is me with baby Chase and one of his big sisters :). 

Audrey is a hoarder, like hard core.  She has to have 2 million animals/blankets/pillows with her at all times.  It's cute.  And somewhat annoying ;).

If the other picture was the perfect summer lunch, this is the perfect summer dinner!

Aiden helps me water our flowers every afternoon.  Yesterday he wore a tank top, underwear, his conductor hat & bandana and camp rain boots.  Makes perfect sense to me. 

She was hiding from me after nap time.  Little does she know, she can hide in her crib for as long as she wants! :)

Carb loading.  

And real life.  She was mad at me and I was annoyed with her.  

More ice cream.  This time with sprinkles!

This kid is a fish and is doing so well swimming around with his floaties!

At the pool today...loving summer!

And as my luck would turn out, neither child wants to nap today.  Because swimming in 95 degree heat for two hours isn't enough to wear them out!  Have a great Friday and weekend! 

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