Friday, July 1, 2016

Shopping with She's All That Boutique

About a year ago I shared my thoughts about shopping here.  I was near the beginning of my weight loss journey and was frustrated with finding clothes that I loved...and fit.  I even mentioned my desire to shop in an adorable boutique with one of a kind clothing.  Well guess what?!  A few days ago, I walked into an adorable boutique...and shopped!  She's All That opened about a year ago in Ft. Mitchell (only minutes from my house!) and is a little slice of heaven.  I could have spent HOURS in there, just hanging out!  And beyond the beautiful clothing, the store is run by passion and big hearts and is making a difference in the lives of local girls.  

She's All That is a boutique with a mission - a mission I can definitely relate to!  Their goal is to help local young ladies pursue their dreams and head to college.  They employ them as interns and proceeds from sales go directly to these efforts.  The boutique is filled with this mission and the space itself is motivational, inspiring and uplifting.  You walk in to shop and you walk out wanting to conquer the world. 

I chose a bunch of pieces to try on (even their dressing rooms are motivational!), and took home an adorable dress and necklace.  (Hint hint - it was the dress that spins :))

Take a look around the I said, you could spend hours in here!

I HIGHLY recommend you check out She's All That.  The staff and space will make it a pleasant shopping experience and whether you are shopping for a special outfit, a fun piece of jewelry or a meaningful gift, it's the perfect place to look.  And you can feel great in what you buy, while also feeling great about helping young girls chase their dreams.  

She's All That is having a First Anniversary party on Saturday,  July 9th!  There will be sale items, specials and fun activities and treats!  I'll make sure to share more info soon.  

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