Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites

So my Friday Favorites have kind of evolved into my favorite pictures of the week.  I hope that's okay with you ;).  Overall, we had a good week and I'm hoping for some down time this weekend!

Both kids love to go "high in the sky" on my feet.  I have a picture like this with Aiden and I know they'll be favorites to look back on!

This is a picture of Audrey's favorites.  Her favorite outfit (even in 95 degree heat), favorite blanket, favorite book and favorite spot in Aiden's room.  She also looks about ten... that is NOT my favorite!

Have you ever seen an elephant get a bath?!  It's pretty darn cute.  Our zoo does them every morning at 9:15am, FYI. 

The hippo exhibit just opened and it is my new favorite!  They are adorable and so fun to watch!  And I have a special place in my heart for'll find out more about that SOON!! :)

My friend sent me this quote and it is SO true and definitely a favorite. 

I've been on an omelet kick recently.  2 eggs, 2 egg whites, spinach and a slice of cheese.  This and a piece of fruit (and coffee) has been my favorite breakfast this week. 

The kids have discovered that mommy can drag them around by her ankles.  Next time, remind me to attach swiffers to their butts, then it'll be my favorite ;).

We walked over to the playground the other night and these two were being so sweet with each other. In the rare moments that it happens, it is always my favorite. 

Aiden's favorite - stop signs.  

And pushing Audrey in the stroller.  I'm personally glad he's taken a liking to this one!

Tomatoes are SO good right now. As you can see, I could eat a whole one for dinner.  And did. 

Aiden is very excited to go back to school soon, so I made him some flashcards.  He wasn't too interested in learning all of the letters, but loved when I spelled out different words. 

And watching this scene this morning was a favorite moment of the week.  Aiden found Cassidy the horse in a toy rotation tub and she is now his favorite.  He calls her his best friend and insisted I give her some hay for breakfast and a cup of water.  He also just put her down for a nap with some milk and a tiny stuffed animal.  I peeked in and he was rocking her and singing her to sleep.  There may still be a puddle outside of his door because I pretty much melted.

Happy last weekend of July!  Hard to believe!

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