Tuesday, August 2, 2016

What I ate...yesterday

Happy Tuesday!  We had a great, relaxing weekend - I hope you did as well!  I always love some inspiration on what to eat on a daily basis, so these types of posts are one of my favorites.  Hopefully you enjoy them too!  

Yesterday was pretty typical.  I try to eat as much protein and as many veggies as possible to fill me up and thankfully summer is an easy time to do that.  Audrey and I visited a farmer's market on Sunday, so we had a great supply for some new recipes!

This wasn't from yesterday, but it was so good, I had to share.  Sunday night I baked chicken thighs (our favorite meat around here) and had corn, tomatoes and zucchini bread all from the Farmer's Market!  Well, I made the bread, the massive zucchini was from the market :).  And why does water taste better out of a mass jar?! (bread recipe here)

Early Monday morning - coffee and a slice of the zucchini bread while Audrey had some milk. 

And the rest of breakfast - a second cup of coffee and an omelet with spinach and a slice of cheese. 

We were out on a farm tour in the morning, so we treated ourselves to Chipotle for lunch.  I get a little bit of brown rice, chicken, mild salsa, light sour cream and cheese.  And guac with the kids' chips ;).

Afternoon snack while I worked, Audrey napped and Aiden watched trains.  More zucchini bread (I don't want it to go bad!) and iced coffee.

Dinner was a new recipe from the Pioneer Woman.  Find it here.  A bunch of veggies from the market with italian sausage on top.  Besides having to cut up all of the veggies, it was super easy.  And I typically do not have a glass of wine with dinner, but - kids ;).

I wish I could say this healthy peach crisp was delicious, but yuck.  :(  I had one bite and wasn't a fan unfortunately.  

Someone else seemed to like it though...

Any good, healthy recipes to share??  I'm definitely in a rut and it is no easy task to make healthy food that all four of us will eat.  Thanks for stopping by!

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