Monday, August 8, 2016

A Day with My Girl

Scrapbook post warning ;).  I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted to set aside some time before preschool starts to do something special with each of my kids, one on one.  I vowed to do fun things with Audrey last year while Aiden was in school, but it never really happened.  So today, I took my girl to her favorite place - the zoo.  We went at Audrey's pace, took as much time as she wanted at her favorite animals and ate pink ice cream.  It was a beautiful morning with my beautiful baby girl.  The one on one time was wonderful - she even had me carry her most of the time.  (Workout for the day complete!)  Her favorites today were the hippos (of course), the new baby giraffe Cora and I'm pretty sure she would've put a goat in the diaper bag if I'd let her.  We may just get some goats instead of mowing the grass from now on!

Some pictures from our day...

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