Tuesday, July 26, 2016

If you don't hear much from me...

I thought I had my hands full when I had a newborn and an 18 month old.  Ha!  The past few days I've felt like I am swimming in mud with these two and just can't. get. out.  Yesterday I had my first "when does school start" moment and I immediately felt guilty.  I am so lucky to get to spend all of this time with my babies, but man has it been hard recently.

I attempted to shop yesterday.  All I wanted to do was walk in, check out the clearance bathing suits, and walk out.  I even used an incentive of a visit to the book store, but NOPE.  Two toddlers in a stroller turned in to a boy in high heels running/falling all over the store and a feisty little girl pulling ALL of the stuffed animals off of a table.  It ended with two crying kids and one close to tears mom.  Ugh.

Needless to say we didn't go to the book store.

Thankfully (insert more guilt), Audrey took a good nap yesterday and Aiden and I had some chats about being a good listener.  He gets it, or at least he's getting it.

Audrey is at the age where she doesn't quite get it yet, but she's definitely heading into the "terrible twos."

If I keep them involved in something, they are great.  Aiden loves to wash his cars and play in the water.

Audrey's current favorite is the pool.  And the slide - over and over and over.

We ventured out again today, this time to the zoo.  We talked in the car on the way there and things went MUCH better.  Not that you can tell by Aiden's face :).

There will always be moments.  Audrey apparently loves oranges and was covered in juice after lunch.  I started to change her shirt and while I was getting it out of the bag, she managed to take off her shirt, shorts and yes....diaper.  I had to laugh...and so did the fifty people watching.

So if things slow down a bit around here, don't worry, I'm not gone.  I'm just chasing children (likely naked children), filling up a baby pool or coming up with the fifteenth snack for the day.  And then I'll take some deep breaths, drink some coffee, workout and smile.  Because I love them.  And because I don't want to go insane ;).

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