Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Audrey Kay - Two Years Old

Our baby girl turned two this past Sunday and we had a great weekend celebrating!  These two years have flown by and it's been so fun (and a little sad) to watch her change from a baby into a toddler with quite the personality.  I took her to her check up today and she is 85th percentile in height and 95th in weight... which explains why she is in 3T/4T clothes and is catching up to her big brother!  

Audrey favorites - Animals, her "friends" (right now it's Cobbler, Kitty, Cora the Giraffe and Hippo), bouncing, Mickey & Minnie, playing outside, swimming, reading, cheese sticks & milk.  

Audrey dislikes - Sitting still, being quiet, sharing her toys, vegetables, long car rides.

Audrey is saying more words each day.  Some favorites right now are "big pool" and "Aiduh," AKA Aiden :).  She is very active and loves to run, jump, climb and ride anything with wheels.  She is fearless is so many ways but is still pretty attached to Mommy.  She starts preschool tomorrow and I can't wait to see how much she grows with this new experience.

Out of allllll the pictures I take, these are some of my favorites of Audrey from this past year.  She brings us so much joy and is the perfect completion of our family.  Here's to a great third year, baby!

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