Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites

Oh this's been a bit of a long one.  We've all been sick with sinus/cold/cough yuck (for what seems like months), which meant no school for Audrey on Wednesday and not enough gym time for me.  That may sound petty, but that is my time to recharge and de-stress and I'm feeling it today.  But anyway...we have to all feel better eventually...right? :)

There have been some highlights this week.  Last Sunday I decided to plan ahead for the week and meal prep my lunches.  Lunch is tough for me because we are often out or what I make for the kids isn't really the best option for me (it's probably not the best option for them either, but that's another post, another time).  So I roasted veggies and chicken thighs and had this for lunch 3 days this week.  It was great!  I will say the third day was a little tough for me....I was over the food and I get funny about eating leftovers, but I'm glad I got healthy lunches in for so many days.

I recently used some Christmas money to do a little shopping.  I wear workout clothes more than anything else, so I added a few pieces.  This outfit is from GAP and was 50% off!  The shirt is open some in the back, and can be worn with a lot of things!

This kid is all about imaginative play right now and I love it.  He set this up and then pretend played with all of the trains and trucks, giving them voices and making up stories.  I wish I had filmed it! 

While Audrey being sick and neither of us getting any sleep are NOT favorites...the extra snuggles I get sure are.  The unexpected one-on-one time Wednesday morning was good for both of us. 

New shoes! I feel a bit like a hypocrite here because I haven't been a huge fan of the black gym shoe trend.  But, they do happen to match most outfits (not that gym shoes have to match, but...) and these are VERY comfy.  We have a big trip coming up at the end of February (think a certain mouse at a certain castle) and I know I need comfortable walking shoes.  I think I found a winner!

I saw this quote this week and love it so much.  It definitely applies to so many things in my life, but especially my mom's journey right now.  We are trying to focus on the baby steps and when I look back to 7 and a half weeks ago...they've definitely added up.

This guy in the morning (or really any time), is so cuddly!  He loves to be on my lap and is all about getting a blanket so we can snuggle. 

Another favorite fashion find...also 50% off right now at Loft! This shirt is super soft and versatile.  It will be difficult to not wear it every day. 

We have to leave the house today for a work thing, so please send patience and good health vibes our way!  We also have some fun things planned this weekend, so here's to hopefully moving past this yuck TODAY!  Happy Friday everyone :). 

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