Monday, December 7, 2015

Audrey Kay - 15 Months

Three words can describe Audrey on her 15 month birthday (last Friday) - Stage Five Clinger.  Have you seen Wedding Crashers?  No, she is not a desperate girl at a wedding, she is an extremely clingy toddler, whose favorite spot is on mommy's hip.  I am trying to take the advice of - enjoy it, because one day you'll wish she was little again!  I know this is true, so I'm sucking it up and cherishing the snuggles.  Most of the time ;).  In all seriousness, Audrey is a joy right now.  She is developing her own personality and we see more of it everyday.  She is confident and silly, impatient and loving.  She will climb up and go down our slide with no fear and she definitely will stand up to Aiden when he starts to bother her.  At almost 3 and 15 months, I've already had to separate them as they physically go at it.  It should be a fun few many years!  Her crazy curly hair matches her big cheesy smile and her bright blue eyes get comments almost daily.  She's having trouble with sleep (surprise surprise in our family) and wants nothing to do with milk in a cup.  She likes what she likes, what can I say?  But our baby girl is turning into a "big girl" more and more each day, which makes me equally sad and excited.  She is 31.5 inches and 28 pounds, wearing a size 2T now.  Here are a few more likes and dislikes of our Audrey at 15 months...

Likes - Balloons, animals, making animal sounds (everything growls), saying Mama and Dada, milk in a bottle, cottage cheese (any cheese really), going down slides, hugging Aiden when he'll let her, running away from us and laughing, being outside, water and bath time, looking at books, her Snuggle Bunny book, her "blankie", hoarding things and trying to walk around holding it all

Dislikes - Sleep when she knows we are awake, sitting still, when Aiden takes her toys, most vegetables, getting her diaper changed and getting dressed

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