Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Random Act of Posting

I'm sure someone else has used this "clever" title in a blog before, but I do admit to giving myself a little pat on the back for thinking of it.  Then I got up to get Aiden milk, stepped on a small construction cone, and realized I'm not so cool after all ;).  Basically, this is going to be a little rambling, a few recipes and some random thoughts I've had recently.  (AKA I have a bit of writer's block.)

On our way back from Hocking Hills a couple weeks ago, Andrew and I stopped at the outlet mall for a little shopping.  The Under Armour store was my favorite stop and I could've gone crazy.  I stuck to one outfit and had to ask about 2,456 times to make sure it didn't look stupid (you can kind of see through the shirt).  After seeing this picture in my time hop though, I'd say I'm pretty happy with how it looks!

I made this Roasted Vegetable and Feta Quinoa last night and it was delicious!  Filled with protein and veggies, it was very filling and I could even pull parts out (beans and quinoa) for the kids.  They don't do well with casserole type recipes.  

Aiden saw a Disney World commercial the other day and was mesmerized.  He's always loved Mickey, but this was his first recognition of where Mickey lives.  He turned to me when it was over and said in his sweet little voice, "Mommy, I want to go to Disney World and hug Mickey Mouse!"  And that, my friends, is how Disney makes their money.  Oh, and Audrey loves him too. 

It makes me so happy that I have discovered this passion for writing and have been able to find time to do it.  Aside from this blog, I've been writing for Cincinnati Parent Magazine and its affiliate cities.  I LOVE it, it's been a great challenge but yet feels so natural.  It only took me 33 years, but I think I finally found something I enjoy and am (hopefully) good at!

We have been remodeling our basement for years, literally.  The last piece was completing the bathroom and it is finally finished!!  I've taken a few showers in this bad boy and WOW...the DIY paid off.  Kudos to my husband, dad and father-in-law for their hard work.  It's exactly what we envisioned (those years ago ;)).

Finally, Aiden and Audrey have been playing with each other a lot more recently and they love when I join the party. We were being silly yesterday and I snapped this action shot.  It perfectly captures the moment and thankfully didn't capture the tears a few minutes later when Aiden accidentally stepped on Audrey :).

Thanks for reading (or maybe just scanning) through my randomness.  Aiden is on Spring Break this week, so along with the beer pong and wet t-shirt contests (oh wait), we are hitting up the indoor pool, a park or two and the zoo!  I hope you are all having a great week!

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