Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Perfect Getaway

My husband and I have been talking about getting away for the past three years.  Naturally, our son just turned three in February... go figure ;).  Three years, two kids, one open heart surgery and about 5 total hours of sleep later, we finally decided to just go with it.  A few things had been holding us back - not wanting to spend the money, physically not being able to go and leaving our parents to deal with the sleepless nights with our kids were our main concerns.  But we realized that time away just the two of us is SO important and we were desperate for that time to reconnect.  

We set off for our little trip with no agenda whatsoever.  We had a cabin booked in Hocking Hills, but beyond that we seriously had no other plans.  We are both planners and list makers, so this was challenging (maybe just for me) but it felt so good.  We took the scenic route, made random stops, held hands, talked, got lost (note to self - bring a real map when you lose cell service!) and did whatever we felt like doing.  I can't remember the last time life felt like that.

We needed to slow down for so many reasons.  Before we had kids, I admittedly used to think the parents who said they needed a "break" from their kids for a couple's getaway were crazy.  You chose to be parents, you need to be there.  Okay, true.  BUT... we do need that break.  Individually we get some time to ourselves from time to time, but we very rarely have that time with just the two of us.  With my evening work schedule and our inconsistent sleepers, we don't even get much time day to day when we are together without the kids.  Can you tell I'm justifying our trip?  I guess that mom guilt never fully goes away.

It was a wonderful weekend.  It was casual, we got a lot of fresh air and we both left feeling so appreciative of this life we lead.  I'll have more of a trip report on the area coming up on Cincinnati Moms Blog, so stay tuned for that :).  And go plan a trip with your partner!  Even if it's just one night, putting your marriage first is one of the best things you can do for your family. 


  1. Yes, putting your marriage first is definitely one of the best things you can do for your family!! And, any honest parent will tell you they just need a break at times!! ;) good for you guys!!

    1. Thanks!! Is it bad that I'm ready for another getaway?? ;)