Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  I'm looking forward to this weekend, including today.  We are finally getting a break from the rain, so it's a great day to head to the zoo!  Tomorrow Andrew and I are getting an entire day to ourselves to do exciting things like clean out our storage room ;).  But we also get to go out to an adult's only dinner with friends!  Sunday we are celebrating Mother's Day with Andrew's side of the family, so it's a jam packed weekend.  Next week is Aiden's last day of preschool, which means the official start to summer.  So hard to believe.

On to this week's favorites...

Aiden asks to paint everyday, thanks to all of his art projects at school.  Thankfully, he does pretty well on his own while Audrey naps and I clean, prep for dinner, etc.  I love the way he sticks his tongue out when he concentrates...he gets that honestly ;).

Last Saturday, we went to one of my favorite places...Oxford, Ohio...where I attended Miami University.  It's the best town and brings back SO many memories.  I had to get a Wamo from Bagel & Deli.  

And the kids were worn out when we left.  This was the first time putting them side by side and they loved it!

Mother's Day started with take out from Bob Evans...or the Pancake Restaurant as Aiden calls it.  I took this picture as I was finishing up and I love how it captured the moment.

My Mother's Day gift was a couple of hours of myself!  My favorite find was this dress.  And to top it off, it is HALF the size of the dress size I wore at one point.  I still can't believe it fits. 

I tried this bread from Costco last week and love it.  I'm also still on an avocado toast kick!

We spend a lot of time at our local library.  The kids love it and since it's right next to the gym, it's very convenient!

Finally getting warm enough for iced coffee!  And why does everything taste so much better in a mason jar?!

Which also leads to grill out season!  I stick to meat and veggies when we grill out...steamed broccoli has been a favorite around here recently.  Well, for Andrew and I at least!

I LOVE this picture.  Their faces make my heart grow a million times bigger.

We stopped at the bookstore yesterday and I got to see my recent article in print.  Sort of cool and fun to see.

We've never eaten lunch there before but I was feeling unmotivated yesterday and it was so convenient.  The food was delicious!  I had a hummus/veggie sandwich, salad and fruit.  The kids loved the grilled cheese.

Time to get moving today!  Ot at least time to be productive...I've been moving for hours already ;).  Have a wonderful weekend!

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