Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Overheard in our House

Our kids are cracking me up these days.  They are also driving me crazy, but that's a different post for a different day.  Let's focus on the funny stuff for now.  Aiden says the most random things and Audrey has developed a few habits that you just have to laugh at.  In an effort to never forget this silly, innocent phase...

Aiden (at 6am): Mommy, let's go to the pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins!
Me: The pumpkins haven't grown yet, Aiden.
Aiden: Well..tell them to hurry up!

Me: Ouch! (after Audrey bumped into my head)
Aiden: I'll kiss it mommy and make it go back to the boo-boo store.

Aiden: Mommy, let's go to the train store and get the biggest steam train ever...and his mommy.

Aiden: Audrey, just do this.... (does something silly like jump up and land on his butt).

Me: Aiden, what's your full name?
Aiden: Aiden Pauw Wimke

Aiden: We need to go to the park, the blue playground, the train station, the tractor store and the farm....NOW!
Me: We can't go right now, Aiden.
Aiden: We NEED to! (his new favorite word)

Audrey isn't saying many full words yet, but as they say...actions speak louder than words.

Audrey: Crying uncontrollably until she picks up 5 blankets and 5 stuffed animals.

Audrey (after insisting on doing everything by herself): Did it!

Me: Audrey, can you go get my shoes?
Audrey: Comes back like this...

And there are so many more but my sleep deprived mind cannot remember them all!  Parenthood is SO hard with it's fair share of tears, but thank God for these silly moments and times of laughter.  They are what keep us going on those hard days and remind us why we wanted to be parents in the first place. 

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