Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Bucket List 2016

As in true Cincinnati fashion, we are going straight from winter to summer!  It was a chilly spring and now the next week is supposed to be hot and humid.  But like every other year, we'll survive ;).  

As a former teacher, summer has always been my favorite.  More freedom, more time outside and everyone seems to have a relaxed demeanor.  I love the festivals, concerts, baseball and food.  Although, when I think back on the past few summers, we haven't done many of these things.  So when coming up with this year's bucket list, I included a few items that are more adult oriented.  We did almost everything on last year's list (found here), except visit the Blue Marble bookstore.  And the whole no TV thing.  Maybe this summer...

So here is our list.  Aiden contributed this year, I'll let you figure out which ones he came up with.  Once I got him to understand that riding the Polar Express train wasn't an option...he came up with some good ones!

1. Visit the Blue Marble bookstore and the Blue Manatee bookstore.  I have never been to either and these would be great rainy day activities.
2. Go to at least one Reds game as a family and without the kids. 
3. Build the biggest sandbox ever in our backyard.
4. Swim in the big pool at our gym.  And a baby pool in our backyard.  
5. Make our own popsicles.
6. Go to a country concert at Riverbend.
7. Ride a big train.
8. Visit Liberty Center to play inside, at the splash park and see the trains.
9. Play in the sprinkler, eat ice cream and then wash off in the sprinkler.
10. Buy food at a farmer's market and make it for lunch or dinner. 
11. Go canoeing or kayaking - without the kids so I don't have a nervous breakdown.
12. And because I can't end on an odd number... we'll try that whole no TV one day a week thing again ;).

Happy summer everyone!

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