Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites - Nordstrom's Half Yearly Sale!

Today's post is toooootally out of my comfort zone!  But in the best way!  Dressing rooms and shopping in general have always been a frustrating (and at times tearful) experience, but recently things have changed.  In the past, I would walk into the store, grab a few of the biggest items I could find and pray that they would fit.  Some stores I would just avoid altogether because I knew they didn't carry my size.  Most shopping was done online, which meant a lot of in store returns.  

But this week I had an amazing opportunity to partner with Nordstrom and check out their Half Yearly Sale!  Nordstrom has intimidated me a bit from the moment it opened here in Cincinnati.  I pictured designer shoes that only Carrie Bradshaw would wear (and could afford) and all size 0000 high end brands.  Now there is some of that, but every time I go into Nordstrom I am surprised to see affordable clothing that I can actually fit in to.  And the online selection....WOW.  You could get lost on there for hours and with the sale going on right now, you may want to!

I hit up the sale racks mostly on this trip, but did try on a few pieces for fun.  And just for your Friday Favorites pleasure, I documented my trip ;).  If you like any of these items, click the link below the picture and check them out!  And make sure to scan through the other sale items while you're there :).

There are SO many dresses on sale that can be worn right now in the heat and those you can hang on to for cooler months. 

A quick note about those white jeans hanging there.  You will not see a picture of me in these because hello thin material!  I have always been intrigued by "designer" jeans and the hype  - and I'm sure some of them are SO worth it - but these were not.  

This was my favorite shirt I tried on.  The size large fit perfectly and the colors were great for the festive summer holidays.

I loved this top too, but the large was baggy.  I couldn't wrap my head around the idea of needing a medium, so I didn't try it.  Kind of wish I had now!

My least favorite.  Loved it on the hanger, but the color was eh.

This is technically a tunic, so the longer length was perfect for me.  The colors are even better in person than in pictures and online. 

LOVED this black tank.  It was a dressy material and had a "v" in the back too.  And it was only $17!

I have read so much about this brand of workout pants, so I had to try them on.  They were super soft and a great price with the sale going on.  

Not sure why I'm sharing this one, haha.  As you can tell, WAY too short.  The only reason I tried this on is because I have never been able to fit into this brand before.  And I pulled it off the rack and zipped it up.  Best feeling ever. 

My favorite dress.  The shape is great and the pattern was so fun.  

Loved this one too, but the sleeves would make it too hot for summer.  I wasn't sure about the color for fall/winter.  I did size up in this one since it was more clingy. 

I so badly want to like these trapeze style dresses.  I think they just look like a tent on me though :(.

I couldn't find this one online, but it wasn't my favorite anyway :).

And this dress.  This is not part of the sale (but I will be stalking it)...I saw it on one of my favorite bloggers, who is currently on a cruise in the mediterranean....probably wearing this dress.  I loved it for so many reasons but mainly because it was actually long enough!

I hope you enjoyed this version of Friday Favorites!  Nordstrom's Sale is going on through June 5th, so be sure to check it out.  I have some more fun fashion posts in the works, stay tuned!  Have a wonderful holiday weekend and please take time to say a prayer for all of the Service Men and Women who deserve SO much more than one day of gratitude!

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