Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Sweet Start to Summer...

Oh the irony.  I started this post Tuesday morning and since then our start to summer became not quite as sweet.  We had an amazing Memorial Day weekend, but I was having some issues with my incision from open heart surgery in 2015.  Turns out, it was infected and I needed to have surgery to fix it.  I'm down for a bit, but feeling okay and thankful that it wasn't worse.  

But let's get back to the awesome weekend we had :).  Going back through the pictures made me smile and makes me excited to get back to the fun soon!  We started out the weekend with some pool action in our backyard.  The rest of the weekend was just as low-key and we also got to spend time with family which is always wonderful.   

I'll be back soon with more fun...I hope you all had a great weekend!

Ollie decided the pool wasn't just for the kids!

We love our back porch!

Water break in their "new" house.

The kids got to play with three of their cousins on Saturday and had a great time!

The splurge of the weekend.

Instead of waving the flag, Audrey literally waved AT the flag :).

They LOVED swimming in Aunt Kelli and Uncle Kenny's pool!

Love when we get to work out together.

We had some family time at Sawyer Point Monday morning.

Talk about a kid at heart ;).

Our strong boy.

I snuck in a little relaxation time.

He asks me to draw (very specific) things all the time.  This time is was Entertrainment Junction. 

A popsicle treat!

Unfortunately this was my view Wednesday morning.  But at least this was nothing like the last time I was there!

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