Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Lovin'

In honor of the official start to summer (yesterday), I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and think back on summers BC.  Before Children.  Summer has always been my favorite and I am so lucky to have some amazing memories from this season.  As I looked back through old photo albums, I got a little teary eyed thinking back on these days, but I also couldn't help but hope that my own kids make these kind of memories as they grow up.  

Thanks to my amazing high school (and parents), I was able to travel to Italy after my Sophomore year of high school.  I want to go back so badly and really appreciate it.  Such a beautiful part of this world!

My favorite week of summer in high school was church camp in Lakeside, Ohio.  The memories and experiences from those weeks could fill a book (now there's an idea! ;)).

My other favorite week...band camp.  Don't knock it till you've been there :).  

And mission trips!  I grew up with amazing friends from church, who I remain close to today!

We would often visit our friends from church camp during the summer.  They lived on farms and it was such a novelty to us!  Thinking back on those visits makes me want my own farm (but maybe someone else to do all of the work!)

Back at church camp, this time about ready to head to college....

Remember picture albums?!  I made one for each summer as a teenager.  Complete with a hand drawn cover page :).

My most favorite summertime job!  Lifeguarding at a city pool was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.  We had so. much. fun.  And I still think about those kids (who are now adults) all of the time. 

Okay, so don't we all have a picture like this? haha... It's a right of passage to attend a Jimmy Buffet concert in Cincy in the summer.  Check that off my list!

I have a summer birthday (this Friday!) and we always had a good time celebrating!

Andrew and I celebrated 6 months of dating with a trip to Gatlinburg in July.  

I competed in a sprint triathlon that summer....and hope to again soon!

Family vacation in Hilton Head.  Back when vacations really were vacations ;).

Labor Day weekend fireworks at the best viewing spot we ever had!

Boating in the summer was a favorite activity!  

And the summer before Aiden was born.  I was pregnant here and no one knew but us :). 

Summer is a time for making memories and I love that we are making them now with our kids.  Looking back at these pictures is also a reminder of how far I've come with my health and weight loss.  I plan on a post focusing on that soon!  Happy summer to all of you, make it count! 

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