Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Greatest Wish

I remember sitting at my desk in elementary school when my teacher would ask one of those tough questions, the ones that were supposed to stump us.  Every once in awhile, I would know the answer. I'd raise my hand and tap my toes in anticipation of being called on and showing everyone that I was smart.  I had the answer.

Another tragedy has occurred.  These acts should shock us to our core and evoke change in some way.  Sadly, that doesn't seem to be the case.  Yet.  This time, as before, I pray for those affected and I cry for our world.  I worry about the world we are leaving our children.  And I worry about the hate that remains.  I worry and I also think.  I dig down deep and try to think of how we can solve this problem.  I try to come up with the answer.

More guns, less guns, no guns.  More government, less government, different government.  Easier access to health care, more regulation on healthcare, better healthcare.  Mental healthcare. Education.  Politicians that are opinionated, politicians that are caring, politicians that have answers.  Are there any?  I don't know, maybe they are smarter than me, because right now I do not have any of the answers to these questions.  And neither does America - isn't that the problem?

I am trying to do what I can.  I am raising my kids to be kind, loving and productive.  I try to set an example for them by showing love to all, no matter our differences.  As they get older, I will try to explain to them why these things happen.  But I'm afraid I won't be able to tell them how to stop it.  I'm even more afraid it will still be happening.

The bottom line is, hate isn't going anywhere.  That's a depressing thought, yes, but it's true.  However (and that's a big however), that doesn't mean it has to win.  Love conquers all, does it not?  When we don't have the answers, we can reach for love.  We can lean on each other as a world, a country and has a people.  We can see the good, feel the hope and look forward to the future.  Because my greatest wish is that we will find an answer.  It may not be in my lifetime, or even in my children's, but I have to believe that there IS an answer.  For now, I will confidently raise my hand and answer the way I know how - with love.

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