Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites - Protein Packed

I'm not going to lie, it's been a tough week.  Today was extra rough as there were some issues getting my wound vac put back on (it gets changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and I am just not feeling as "back to normal" as I'd like or expected.  But, there were definitely some favorites this week and it's good to think back on the positive.  And hopefully next week will be less painful so we can get back to our regularly scheduled summer :).

Audrey's hair is adorable and her curls get comments daily.  I think she'd get the same amount of comments if she headed out like this.  Her bed head is my favorite!

This week I painted my nails and both kids were fascinated.  Audrey got her fingers and toes painted and a certain little man didn't want to be left out.  So he wasn't.  His pink toes are his favorite...although already rubbed off by sand and dirt ;).

Wednesday I took the kids to Skyline for lunch and they got to enjoy their cookie in the back of the car.  Aiden loves to hug Audrey.  Audrey is easily annoyed by Aiden.  I think that's how this brother/sister thing is supposed to work, but the sweet smile on Aiden's face is my favorite. 

I was SO lucky to have some wonderful friends bring us food this week.  It was healthy and delicious and a huge help!  I've been trying to stick to a high protein/low carb diet without being able to work out and our meals this week were definitely favorites. 

A delicious quiche filled with spinach and mushrooms brought over by a sweet friend.  

A high protein dinner made my yours truly. 

This kids didn't like the high protein dinner, so they ate peanut butter like this. 

A friend recommended this and it is now a favorite meal!  Quinoa, avocado and fried eggs!  YUM!

I tell you what, these ladies can COOK!  This was a delicious Greek chicken recipe that my mom and I got to enjoy.

Last but not least, my favorite moment of the week.  The first time we brought Aiden here to get his hair cut, he puked.  Like all over the chair and the barber.  This man is a saint and stuck with it and today Aiden did not shed a tear.  He smiled and hasn't stopped talking about his big boy haircut and his buddy Trent. 

It's going to be hot this weekend, so you'll find me inside in the air conditioning, trying not to sweat thanks to my doctor's orders.  We are going to give potty training a go...hopefully next Friday my favorite will be having only ONE kid in diapers!! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

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