Saturday, June 4, 2016

Audrey Kay - 21 Months Old

The next update post on Audrey will be at TWO YEARS OLD.  Not possible.  Since she turned one, I've written a little update on her every three months because as you know, they sure do change a lot this year!  She is changing into more of a "kid" and less of a baby every day but thankfully she still lets me snuggle her and I've stopped complaining about her constant need to be held.  

Audrey's personality matches her crazy, beautiful curly hair.  She is active, loud and sweet and has no intention of being left in the dust by her big brother.  She wants to jump, swing, slide and run right with him (or often ahead of him) and has so much joy in the little things in her life.  Her communication is not very verbal yet, but we always know what she wants.  She is very clear in her expectations and is very particular about how things should be (wonder where that comes from? ;)).  She still drinks from a bottle, but wants to go on the potty (standing up, like Aiden, haha).  She now likes to pick out her own clothes and always picks something with animals on it if possible.  Sleep is coming along and I am completely convinced that when she wakes up at random times, she just needs human interaction and is stubborn enough to hold out until she gets it.  She doesn't like to hold hands, but loves to sit on your lap.  She knows she is cute and has several "looks" already that we need to start conditioning ourselves to look past.  Smart kid :).

Audrey's Likes... Animals, swimming, playing outside, cheese, milk, sweets, her kitties, reading books, Dumbo, Monsters Inc., trampolines, playdoh, anything that makes Mommy nervous, playing with Aiden's toys when he's not around.

Audrey's Dislikes... Vegetables, sharing toys, getting her hair washed, long rides in the car.  She is much happier these days!

Some favorite pictures over the past few months.  Next time we will be celebrating our little firecracker turning TWO on Labor Day weekend! 

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